Thursday, 10 December 2015

Chuckles on Tour: Lake District Day Six

So, most of you who follow my blog know about my winter trip to The Lake District in England, UK last week and I'm finally ready to show you the places we visited. I took so many photos that I've had to split it into six parts to cover each day, so please bear with me! It was freezing cold the first few days especially down by the lakes themselves with the chill wind but the trip was mostly dry so I'm very happy!

***I have been shocked and horrified to see all the lovely places we visited a few weeks ago under water or in the case of beautiful Pooley Bridge, destroyed due to Storm Desmond. It has been upsetting to watch the TV footage and know that the people there are suffering so badly. I have decided to continue with my holiday posts to show you how beautiful this part of the UK is and to encourage people to help either by donation, sympathy or booking a future holiday there yourself.  Areas of beauty and history need protecting from disasters like this. My thoughts are with everyone in Cumbria and Lancashire*** 


As soon as I saw the leaflet advertising the different animals, I just had to visit! It's only a 15 minute drive from where we were staying and it was well worth the visit.

Here are the fruit bats which just hang up above you-one almost peed on me which was quite funny! These bats are huge...I had no idea of their size and they were hanging up there like The Lost Boys!

There were some beautiful tropical birds!

Here are Degu, a form of rat. Very cute guys!

These cute furry things are called Mara.

Here are the gorgeous meercats! I could watch these adorable guys all day!

And the beautiful snow leopard!

Sadly, my camera battery died at this point so I couldn't photograph the lemurs or red squirrels and a few other animals-which is why I've now invested in a new camera in the Amazon Black Friday sales. Next year I hope to go back to the Lake District and get better photos of the wildlife places and see a few different lakes. I want to spend my money there to help get the area back on it's financial feet after the flooding as I loved it there so much. Thankfully, none of the animals at this park were harmed in the flooding. You can follow the park on Facebook.


  1. I absolutely love big cats, but all your animal pics are adorable. Glad to hear no animals were harmed in the flooding.

    1. It was a very gloomy day and I don't have a great zoom on my camera so most of my photos were blurred or too dark which was annoying! My dad's were a bit better so I might upload them at some point. He got some scary ones of the bat's fangs!

  2. Replies
    1. I was shocked too-I never knew fruit bats were so big! They were very cool guys-because they were above us I'd be in place for a photo and the darn things would unwrap their wings as soon as I lowered the camera to rest my arms!