Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Chuckles on Tour: Lake District Day Four

So, most of you who follow my blog know about my winter trip to The Lake District in England, UK last week and I'm finally ready to show you the places we visited. I took so many photos that I've had to split it into six parts to cover each day, so please bear with me! It was freezing cold the first few days especially down by the lakes themselves with the chill wind but the trip was mostly dry so I'm very happy!

***I have been shocked and horrified to see all the lovely places we visited a few weeks ago under water or in the case of beautiful Pooley Bridge, destroyed due to Storm Desmond. It has been upsetting to watch the TV footage and know that the people there are suffering so badly. I have decided to continue with my holiday posts to show you how beautiful this part of the UK is and to encourage people to help either by donation, sympathy or booking a future holiday there yourself.  Areas of beauty and history need protecting from disasters like this. My thoughts are with everyone in Cumbria and Lancashire*** 


I have always been fascinated watching the documentaries about Malcolm and Donald Campbell and their speed record attempts so when I read a leaflet about this museum displaying replicas of their vehicles, I just had to visit! It was raining that day so being inside a nice warm museum was ideal and we had another great day.

Firstly, we went round the main exhibit which had an incredible display of vintage cars, bikes, motorbikes, vintage toys and big displays. It was a great museum and the amount of things on display were staggering. This is outside the museum where there is a river and it is very scenic. You can see the effects of all the rain from the storms already so I dread to think what it looked liked after the terrible Storm Desmond came through.

We went into the exhibit and bought a guidebook to take round and then we went in. Here are a few examples of the exhibits we saw.

There were also a few special cars that caught my interest which I'm also featuring. This is the 1937 Bentley owned by Donald Campbell, painted the same blue as his record breaking Bluebird vehicles.

The Al Capone car-I liked the gangster dummy at the exhibit!

I'm sure Back to the Future fans will recognise this car model!

After buying a couple of Donald Campbell books in the gift shop we headed over to the Campbell exhibit which is in another building. You can watch video footage of his exploits and tragic death and the wall displays tell the family story. 

Fascinating place! We spent a few hours going round the place until the batteries on my camera packed in and we took the drive back to the lodge via Tesco for supplies. 


  1. Love the cars but then my dad and grandfather both restored classic cars and my day used to drag race so it's probably in my blood. What a fun trip you had!

    1. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this museum!