Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Demolition and the Great Spider Hunt

Yes I'm back! I've been offline for a few days to get new windows fitted in my hall, kitchen and bathroom, and a new front and back door. This meant moving a pile of stuff out, the upheaval and noise, and getting everything cleaned and put back in place. To be fair, the guys worked well and tidied up most of the mess behind them which was good.

However there were two problems! Firstly the company that the guys ordered the doors from sent us a back door with a letterbox in it which looks so stupid! I mean seriously, what are we going to do with a letterbox in it? Push dog biscuits outside to feed foxes and badgers at night??? So we need to wait for a new one to get ordered which could be ANOTHER six week wait so I'm not greatly happy.

But the WORSE news is that all this building work has given us a bloody invasion of big hairy spiders into the kitchen. I was scared shitless by one about an hour ago but we can't find the bugger to get rid of it so I'm not going in there until it is found and dealt with. Yes I'm an arachnophobe on a Ron Weasley level and I just can't deal with the horrible things.

So after I get my blog posts done, the hunt will have to continue.


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