Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Book Review: Kissing Sin by Keri Arthur (Riley Jenson Guardian #2)

From Melbourne's gleaming skyscrapers to its edgy nightclubs, Riley Jenson's world is raging with danger & desire. A gorgeous werewolf - with a touch of vampire coursing through her veins - Riley works for an organization that polices the supernatural races. But when she wakes up naked & bruised in a deserted alley, she knows only that she must run for her life.

My Review:
Riley's enemies have found her. She wakes up naked in an alley with something chasing her, and she allies with a horse shifter called Kade to get out of this research facility. Their escape causes their captors to flee but Riley is far from safe.

So Riley is in trouble again-no surprises there! The Directorate traitor is threatening their lives, the bad guys want to kill or capture Riley and Jack is still pressuring her to become a Guardian. Add to that her complex love life and having to have sex with Misha for information and things can't get much worse.

Lets start with Riley's love life. She has new relationships with Kade and an alpha werewolf Kellen, an old enemy of Quinn. After ignoring her for months, Quinn is suddenly back in her life, demanding to be in an exclusive relationship with her and still not respecting who and what she is. Frankly in this book, Quinn is being a complete dick. He talks down to her, makes unreasonable demands and acts as if she is his private property. When she refuses to be exclusive to him, he makes it clear that he can take over her mind and force her to do as he says. This really hacked me off and I despised him for it. Riley thankfully, was strong enough to say no, that force is wrong instead of swooning into his arms like other PNR books. I hate this guy and he is no better than Talon. We also have the added complication of Misha's sex for information deal, which Quinn does not like, especially when Misha wants to get Riley pregnant.

We see a lot more of Misha in this book and his exchanges with Riley are intriguing. He offers up a lot of clues to the identity of the big boss who is targeting Riley, but I just didn't manage to put the pieces together. The answer is revealed in book three, which is the conclusion of this three book story arc. I liked Misha more than Quinn in this book because he doesn't judge Riley and he is honest about what he wants from her and why. It is interesting to find out here how he and Talon ended up in her life. There is also a lot of good action sequences, fighting against weird and creepy lab creatures that keep coming after them.

I felt that there was too much of the Quinn melodrama in this book and he just keeps having the same fight with Riley over and over, to the point that I was getting sick of seeing him. The 'you're a whore but you're MY whore' thing was just getting on my last nerve and I wanted the author to change direction with it. Sadly this pattern gets repeated on through the series which is why I stopped reading it by book four. The repetition that is a hallmark of this author just gets too much after a while, spoiling some good plot work in other areas.

The good things about this book were Misha and Kade. I loved the end sequences with Misha and Riley and the spider things. The ongoing clone story and the new scary monsters were good. Overall it was a decent urban fantasy story though again, I was skipping the numerous sex scenes because I couldn't be bothered with them.

This book is for readers over 18 who don't mind frequent sex and sex beteeen different breeds of shifters.
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