Monday, 27 October 2014

Reading with Chuckles #10

Welcome to Reading with Chuckles! This is where I fill you in on what I'm reading each week-what it is, where I got it or heard about it, what I think of it, if I'm continuing with it or abandoning it and any special offers I'm aware of where you can try the book yourself. Comments are welcome but no spoilers please! It's not fair to other readers!

This was a great reading week! I'm a fast reader when I get a good book (no I don't skim, yes I do read every word!) so I decided to do a series catch up on Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard. I had been surprised to like the first book as I generally don't read the genre, but it was full of twists, plots and scandals and I liked it. So here are the books in the series that I finished last week.


So I got through these books pretty quick and loved the big reveals. We get the conclusion of the who is 'A' and what happened the night Alison died. I liked it and this is where the series should have finished. Instead we have a new secret, the girls are all horrible now and I don't like what is being done. I've abandoned the series now, which is a shame when I enjoyed the first eight.

I moved on to catch up with a series that has been on my shelf since Moses was a boy. I read the first three which I mostly liked but the antics of Quinn spoiled the whole series for me and I stopped today, abandoning book four.

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