Friday, 24 October 2014

Chuckles Hates #1: Europe

OK I'm angry this morning, really angry. I'm sick and tired of Europe telling us what we can and can't do in our own
country, leeching more money out of us every time they feel like it. It really is time for the EU referendum that the Conservatives are talking about and UKIP are demanding.

I've always been against political union with other European Nations as it takes power away from individual countries. Don't tell me that some guy in Brussels has a better understanding of what we need than the government we elected. I voted for a UK party to run UK affairs but we can't get ANYTHING done because Europe always interferes. First it was stupid things like telling us that our bananas were the wrong shape.We all found that pretty funny at the time but we're not laughing now. The only saving grace for the UK is that Gordon Brown fought hard to keep us out of the Euro when Tony Blair wanted us in, and for that I thank him or who knows what mess we'd be in.

I have voted Labour at all but the last general election but I am furious with what they have signed us up to. All the red tape that stops the current government from saying no to Europe can pretty much be traced back to Labour. 

-Europe tells us which UK criminals we can lock up and who has to be released. 
-Europe tells us that we cannot deport convicted foreign criminals back to their countries.
-Europe tells us that we have to allow unlimited migration into our country despite our services and resources being stretched to breaking point.
-Europe tells us we must let prisoners have the vote.
-Europe tells us that we must pay state benefits to jobless migrants who come here for handouts.
-Europe tells us we are not allowed to fish at certain times for certain fish in our own waters yet let Spanish fishermen take it all.
-Europe tells us that migrants working here should be given money from us to pay for their children who aren't even in this country!
-Europe tells us that terrorists and criminals have the right to stay here under the Human Rights Law if they own a pet.

Now immigration is a thorny issue in the UK. If you say you are concerned about it, you are branded a racist which really pisses me off. It is not racist to want limits on the number of people coming here. I have no issue with migrant workers coming here to fill jobs that UK workers are not taking. It makes economic sense. But we should not be forced to take unemployed people from all over Europe and pay them benefits. We should not be paying for their kids back in another country, kids who will never set foot in the UK. It is not racist to worry about class sizes, lack of affordable housing, etc because we have too many people for the available services. It is not racist to want British citizens to have the first chance of housing, school places and jobs. It is our country after all! But Europe don't care about that, quoting freedom of movement. Sure, people are welcome to visit or work in our country but the unemployed from these countries should be paid for by THEIR government, not ours!!!

Europe told the UK that our plans to rescue our economy from recession would never work. They were proved wrong so now they tell us that since we are doing better, we should pay 1.7 billion MORE to them by December 1st! How is that fair? It is the UK people who had to suffer under austerity for the economy to recover and now we get a huge bill for our troubles. And how did this 1.7 billion(or 2.1 billion euro) bill come about? They include profits from drugs and prostitution in this country! No, I'm not kidding! The people of the UK and the UK government get NO MONEY from crime yet because crime is supposedly booming in our country, we need to pay more to Europe? It's bloody barmy and it needs to stop. Check out this article if you don't believe me!

It is time for the EU referendum which will give us the chance to get control of our own affairs again. It is time for the UK government to run this country, not Europe.


  1. On a purely personal note, I don't want us out of the EU until my partner has moved here and is safely married to me, ha! Politics are all messed up in general at the moment; I don't know who to vote for to get the things I want. I feel like it's all really bad compromises lately.

    1. Hopefully you guys will be ok!

      I don't have a clue who to vote for. I hate the SNP, UKIP don't have candidates in my area and I'm not convinced that all their candidates are up to the job, I despise Ed Miliband-if he can stab his brother in the back how can voters trust him plus he obviously takes Scottish voters for granted with his lack of effort on devo-max, Nick Clegg will break every promise he makes to get into govt-just ask the students, and I hate the Tory social policy ie bedroom tax. Gives me a problem!

  2. Hi Chuckles,

    When I read the title I was like what, but I am European too.. .Then when I started reading I understood, and I have to agree with you too... But we are in an even worst position then the UK. For one, unfortunately for us we are part of the European union, AND the FREAKING EURO Zone... And we need to pay a similar amount of money, like the UK (and we are not even half the size of the UK) Oh for the record, I am dutch... Living in sucky the Netherlands :)


    1. Ugh! I feel sorry for anyone in the currency union! At least we're free of that!