Thursday, 5 December 2013

Important Message

As some of you may know, my mum has been having health problems recently with severe anaemia and a very low blood count. On Tuesday she was taken in to hospital to receive blood transfusions. We had hoped that she would be home today after the tests.

The news is not great. They have discovered inflammation and scarring of the liver which is not a great sign and will be staying in for further tests. We have no idea what these tests will show.

I will be taking an indefinite break from the internet as I will be too busy at the hospital and looking after my dad to be online. I won't be able to answer any emails or messages for the near future. When I get back online, I'll let you guys know.



  1. I hope things improve for you and your mum soon.

  2. Oh goodness. Hope things turn for the better for you all. Thinking of you and understand. Take care!!

  3. Thank you both very much. Test rsults are due on Monday and Tuesday so by Wednesday we should know more.