Monday, 17 July 2017

Game of Thrones Review: Season 7 Episode 1 (spoilers!!!)

Welcome to my Game of Thrones reviews posts which are an episode by episode guide of season 7. The entire post will be nothing but spoilers so don't read it if you intend to watch it! The format will be done as a house by house analysis, not a minute by minute report. 

Walder Frey gathers all the Freys for a special feast where he commends them for their service and for slaughtering the Starks. He admonishes them for leaving one wolf alive, as the men start to gasp and choke from the poison in their way. Arya pulls off her Walder Frey face and tells his young wife who she spared to bear witness to what has happened. House Frey has been destroyed and word of it reaches King's Landing.

Jon addresses a meeting of the Lords of the North and states that all Maesters are to search through books for mentions of where to find dragon glass, and that everyone has to mine it for weapons to fight the White Walkers. He asks Tormund to man the castle at Eastwatch by the sea which he agrees to, joking that the free folk are now the Night's Watch, a prospect that unsettles a few Lords. Jon indicates that every male and female aged 10-60 will learn to fight and Lord Glover objects to arming his granddaughter. Lady Mormont scoffs and indicates that she has no plans for knitting and will arm Bear Island and train everyone. He disagrees with Sansa about how to deal with the Houses of Umber and Karstark, who fought for the Boltons. Sansa wants their castles confiscated and given to those who fought with Jon, as they are the first two strongholds south of the Wall. Jon wants to ensure loyalty of the new generation from both houses to have a united North, instead of punishing children, and gets it. A letter from King's Landing demands fealty to Queen Cersei. Bran and Meera arrive at Castle Black and Edd gives them shelter.


Cersei tells Jaime that Tyrion is Hand to Dany and asks where she will land. Jaime is sure that it will be Dragonstone and that to fight this war with winter here, they will need the supplies that the Tyrells have. He is disturbed when Cersei says that Tommen betrayed her and she will not cry for any of them. Cersei tells him that Euron Greyjoy is coming to King's Landing and wants a Queen.

Euron Greyjoy arrives to a hostile reception from Jaime and proves himself to be scathing of his fellow Iron Born and the brother he betrayed. He informs that Yara and Theon took their ships to aid Dany but he is serious about an alliance with the Lannisters, and wedding Cersei. He is not surprised to be rejected or not to be trusted but insists he will prove himself by returning with a gift for Cersei.

The Hound and the Brotherhood Without Banners are moving north to take on the evil forces that are beyond the Wall. The Hound is uncomfortable to see the house where he stayed with Arya and robbed the father and daughter. He is guilt ridden when he sees that they committed suicide and buries then during a blizzard. He questions why the Lord of Light lets the Beric keep coming back and Th asks him to look in the flames. The Hound gets a vision of the dead marching by the Wall at a castle by the sea and Beric asks if he believes him now.

Sam finds his duties tedious, especially tending sick maesters and prisoners, emptying chamberpots and never getting near to the restricted books. The archmaester believes that he was truthful about seeing White Walkers and the Army of the Dead but he can't look at those books. Sam takes matters in his own hands and steals a key from a sleeping maester to get to the restricted section. That night, he discovers that there is a mine of dragon glass on Dragonstone and has to get word to Jon. He is questioned by Jorah, who is locked in a cell, about whether Dany is in Westeros but Sam doesn't know. 

Brienne is pleased when Jon declares that the women and girls are to be trained to fight and she continues her training with Pod, trying to ignore the obvious interest of Tormund. She is unhappy at the continued lurking of Littlefinger, who has been trying to cause trouble between Sansa and Jon.

Dany and her followers arrive at her birthplace and make Dragonstone their new home.

I loved the opening scene at The Twins. When I heard David Bradley was filming again this year as Walder Frey, I figured it had to be Arya in disguise. How satisfying was it to see her destroy House Frey. My only question is, why did she not release Edmure from the dungeons? Walder said at the feast that Edmure was back in the dungeons so surely Arya heard this? Also loved Tormund making eyes at Brienne, the return of Lyanna Mormont and the redemption of The Hound. He's one of my favourite characters. Loved Sansa ignoring Littlefinger and the march of the Night King. Oh hell he has dead giants! I never saw that coming! Just please, no resurrected Hodor, I couldn't stand seeing that.

Please tell me that this is the season that we get rid of slimy Littlefinger! He's already trying to poison Sansa against Jon and I can't help feeling he is going to betray them all to Cersei at some point. I want to see Arya kill him! I despise Euron Greyjoy and I think there is a high probability based on trailers and spoilers that his gift to Cersei is going to either be Yara or Ellaria or perhaps both...I want to see Jaime gut him like a fish! Bit annoyed with the pop star cameo as I feel it is just pointless to have celebrity fans shoved in there for no reason. I also agree with Greg that it hardly seemed to take any time for Euron to build and launch a fleet to King's Landing. Remember how long it took Sam and Gilly to reach his father's house??? And finally we see the last shred of humanity leave Cersei as she whines about Tommen betraying her. Bitch!

What were your favourite bits and plot thoughts?


  1. Yea, someone I can gush with! I loved the opening scene and can't wait to see Arya take down more and more people. I've heard rumors she kills Littefinger this season. Guess some promo pics were taken and she was wearing Littlefinger's sword. I really hope that rumor is true.

    I hated seeing Sansa and Jon disagreeing especially since they seemed to be getting along so well during the end of last season. Is Sansa pregnant? Seems she was covered up a lot - please tell me she isn't going to have Dog Food's child.

    Finally, the scenes with Sam were awful. Mr. Barb and I were snacking during the show and we both almost gagged. And I can't forget. I'm an Ed Sheeran fan and even I think he had no place in this show. I also heard the song he is playing is on his new album. I don't know but if so, his appearance is SUPER tacky.

    1. Arya is just so great and I love this Faceless Man plot! The more she kills the better! I really hope it is Littlefinger this year as I'm hacked off at him trying to cause trouble between Jon and Sansa. I hope she isn't pregnant...there are rumours she might die this season so maybe it is childbirth like Lyanna? The scenes with Sam were really disgusting weren't they? Just let him look at the books already!!!

      I totally agree with you about Ed Sheeran. If I want to see him I'll check out YouTube or go to his concerts. I'm tired of this pandering to celebrity fans nonsense with Guy Ritchie putting idiot footballers like David Beckham in all his films because they are luvvie friends and shoving Ed Sheeran in for no good reason just because he supposedly loves the show. So do I but do I get offered a cameo? I want to see the show, not celebrity non actors! So annoying. If the song is on his album, then the whole thing is just a staged marketing ploy which hacks me off!

  2. Ooh I like how you're doing this house by house. Nice. Plus I can see all the shields which frankly I love. :) How about Arya taking down the Freys? Good riddance house Frey! And Lady Mormont is something else isn't she? lol

    I loved the scenes with Sandor and Beric/ Thoros, especially looking into the flames and the burying of the dead. Nice. I'm not sure about Edmure though. In the books he's on his way to Casterly Rock as a guest/ captive, and speculation is that the Brotherhood w/o Banners will free him. Obviously things are different on the show, but I hope he shows up again?

    Littlefinger has to go - ugh. I think he's going to push Sansa too far, and yes it would be awesome if Arya killed him! Since he started a lot of this mess anyway, destroying her life basically. Maybe Nymeria will get co chomp him :)

    I think you might be right about euron. Watch out Yara! And Ellaria although after what she did to Myrcella I don't care if she goes lol...

    1. It was a good excuse to use the shields! They have inspired me to buy a few house banners to hang up but I have no idea where I'm putting them!

      I just loved The Hound and his new mission with the Brotherhood. I really hope they link up with Tormund at Eastwatch or stop at Winterfell. I wouldn't be against Nymeria eating him either. Horrible slimy git! Justice for Ned and everyone else who died because of his stupid vanity and ambition! I felt for Ellaria after Oberyn died (I liked him!) but after she killed Myrcella, I hope her and those stupid sand snakes die!

  3. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one out here who hasn't jumped on the Game of Thrones band wagon. lol
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. I came to the party pretty late, only watching the first series in October last year but by halfway through season one I was hooked and now I'm addicted! I love the acting, the action, the ton of humour and the strong characters. It's like The Tudors in a way but with a very strong female cast. You're not the only one who hasn't watched it but it must feel that way this week with all of us fangirling and fanboying!

  4. I am so excited it's back on! I am trying to stay away from spoilers and trailers this year as well, as I have been a bit careless last year and that took away some of the fun!

    I agree with you on Ed Sheeran, it just seemed off...
    I totally forgot about Edmure haha! It will be interesting to see whether he still plays a part. Maybe the Frey ladies let him out and he takes over the castle?

    My favourite parts were the Brotherhood scenes and the Arya opening scene, soo good! Also, very surprised and happy to see that Jorah is still around.

    1. I thought we would've seen Arya set Edmure free and he would take his wife and kid and head to Winterfell or something. I'm so curious as to why Arya never set him free... Ed Sheeran just has no place in Game of Thrones. I hate these celebrity cameos!

  5. I loved the premiere, it had me so pumped! My favorite part was the Hound as well, GRRM and the creators of this show are just so good at writing redemption arcs. I can't wait to see what the rest of the season will bring.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. The Hound was great wasn't he! I loved seeing his remorse for condemning that family to death by stealing from them. I like how complex his character is. You're right, the redemption arcs for him and Jaime Lannister have been great!

  6. My fave part was definitely Arya doing the Frey's in, she is so kick ass and my least favourite part also featured Arya, Ed Sheeran...just no!!