Sunday, 16 July 2017

Chuckles Goes Sampling #1

Seeing Kermit surrounded and almost buried in leaves kind of reminds me of my relationship with books. I'm pretty much buried in them too! I have no more space in my house for the books I buy and piles are sitting on the floor which isn't good and I can't read them quick enough because I keep buying!!! I've battled to reduce the tbr without success this year but now Kermit and I are embarking on a new plan to reduce the book buying and give me a chance to reduce the tbr at last. The Plan? Download samples instead of buying!

This is what I looked at this week:

1) Kerri Maniscalco-Stalking Jack The Ripper 
I don't read a lot of historical fiction, preferring events like a plague out break or a Tudor/War of the Roses time period. I don't do well with these society settings where women are the lesser species and the men are obnoxious. I'm no feminist but I just don't like that kind of thing. When I saw this coming out I liked the idea of the story and I am fascinated by Jack the Ripper but I didn't want to buy it. This is why I downloaded a sample.

I liked the MC as she was a woman who was interested in forensics, anatomy and cutting bodies open, instead of tea parties and girlie things. She wants to go to her uncles classes to learn more about the subject where he discusses a new murder with the young men, while Audrey Rose sat in disguise. However, she gets talking to the arrogant smart arse Thomas and instantly gets that love/hate thing going which REALLY annoys me! Thomas thinks he is The Big I Am, and I took an instant dislike to him.

Verdict?-the usual tropes that annoy me and an arrogant male love interest that I hate. No!

2) Justin Kassab-Foamers 
I liked the idea of the MC being diagnosed with Huntington's as there isn't enough diversity in apocalypse fiction. I liked seeing the dog on the cover. However the reviews seemed to suggest too much of the personal relationship angst which had me thinking it was going to be like the trope filled YA apocalypse reads, so I was a bit leery about getting this once. Enter the sample.

In the short sample there was a lot of the relationship thing going on. Kade likes Tiny and Tiny likes Kade. Ashton likes Xavier but Tiny thinks she should stay away from him and Jem is leaving dog Argos behind to go and join his military buddies in Washington DC, hence the leaving party. Meanwhile we get told about the feline flu infecting everyone, how Kade's brother is part of the vaccine team and that 90% of the population have taken it to stay safe. 

Kade gets attacked outside by something and saved by Argos but he just brushes it off, goes inside and reads a letter from his brother telling him the vaccine is dangerous and could make you a monster. I have an issue with why he sent a letter rather than an email with this life saving information? I also wonder why Jem waited until the night before his deployment to make arrangements for Kade to take the dog. 

Verdict?-I have concerns over how much relationship angst we are going to get and the main character seems more YA than in his twenties. I didn't get the sense of fear and tension I like in apocalypse fiction, just hormones. I think this will be a NO!

3) Catherine Vale-Magic Fire 
I downloaded this sample by accident, mistaking this book for something else. Actually with all the talk in the blurb about romance, beautiful fae and sexy dragons, I never would have picked it out to be honest!

I read the sample anyway but it was pure paranormal romance with them getting lustful right after meeting and that attraction trope that I'm not greatly interested in. So this is a NO! 

4) Vince Milam-The Unknown Element 
The blurb mentions non stop action and varied settings and I loved the cover. The reason for my reluctance to buy this is the mention of inspirational, priests and faith as I'm not a fan of a lot of religious stuff in fiction books. I took a look at the sample as I wouldn't have taken the chance on buying it.

It gets off to an ok start with the massacre at the nursing home but when we meet the priest it goes into the religious quest he's on and there are a few big words I didn't know the meaning of and couldn't be bothered looking up. Then we get more about Cole's faith and the crisis he had after his wife was murdered. It wasn't bad but it wasn't greatly exciting to make me want to read on with it. Didn't grab me and won't be downloading the full book. So it's a NO!


  1. I was curious about Stalking Jack the Ripper. Yeah I'll skip it probably...

    1. I just don't like that male sexist character, which is why I don't read a lot of these historical fiction books!

  2. Wow, you are lucky you didn't buy those books! They all don't sound very interesting to me either. Way too much emphasis on the relationships in the second one, ugh.

    The Jack the Ripper book sounds a bit better but this dickhead dude would turn me off it immediately as well!

    Sexy dragons! :D Oh my god,that's so funny, that you downloaded this by accident! Sad it turned out to be so bad!

    1. I'm very pleased I didn't risk buying any of them! I think samples are going to be the way to go from now on! I'm not sure HOW I managed to download the wrong book! There were a few with similar covers and I must have just clicked on the one I thought was the interesting one and got it all wrong! Stupid Chuckles!

  3. I've read Foamers, and while I didn't notice a particularly lot of relationship angst, I did have quite a few other issues. Sorry you didn't have much luck with the books you sampled! I do find the Amazon previews very helpful though, and I try to use them for requesting review copies or paying for a book. I find there especially helpful in getting a feel for the writing style which can annoy me if it has a lot of telling or head hopping.

    1. It's certainly better to not enjoy a sample than to be out of pocket buying them and hating them! It does give you a feel for the writing and the MC and helps you make a more informed choice. I think it will be really helpful! It sounds like I didn't miss much with Foamers...!