Thursday, 27 July 2017

Chuckles Retro Reads: Royal Destiny by Morgan Howell (Queen of the Orcs #3)

A delicate alliance between human and orc has been achieved. Now Queen of the Orcs, Dar works toward making that peace last. Her position has helped her to finally feel part of a community, to find a life to call her own.

But sudden, strange outbreaks of unrest and ominous signs throw both realms into turmoil. Dar must draw on her knowledge and skills to confront a merciless long-time enemy–and an evil she once only barely survived. To keep human and orc from destroying one another, Dar risks everything on a desperate gamble–and her own future on a heartbreaking sacrifice.

My Review:
Dar has been made the new Queen but her injuries make it a desperate rush to return to the Orcs home so she can be kept alive long enough to select a new Queen. The Orcs are split on having a human ruling them even temporarily and she may be forced to risk her life in a ceremony designed to test how worthy she is. Plots are taking place around her as each clan wants their representative to be Queen, and the old enemies are once again plotting against Dar and her Orcs.

It was an interesting twist to have the Queen select Dar as being worthy to be the new Queen and to possess all the learning of the Orc World. It is an added burden that Dar does not need, especially when she knows that many are against her. Knowing her enemies makes it easier to make plans though. Dar pines for Kovok-mah and her handsome soldier friend tries to persuade her to start a new life with him instead. There is plenty going on to keep this book interesting but I was just obsessed with wanting Kol to DIE!

One thing that bugged one? The damn ending! Come on, you just can't leave it like THAT!!!

3 stars. 

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