Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Chuckles Does DIY!

Today is going to be a day from Hell...yes it's Chuckles Does DIY!!! Urgghh! I am giving my bedroom an overhaul and getting it tidied as it has been a mess for months with stuff all over the floor. I decided to start by getting a new bed. I like metal frame beds as they are strong, long lasting and I can fit junk under it! So I bought one yesterday, moved half of my room last night and today is Moving Day.

So we need to take apart the old frame which will be easier said that done as the screws holding it together have split heads and are a bit wonky! When we get it out of the room and to the dump, we need to construct the new one, wrestle with the darn duvet cover, change and make the bed, add the mattress topper, hoover and dust, move everything back into place, wash the sheets and FINALLY have a shower! It is going to be a LONG day!!!

I see your backache and raise you painkillers and arms ripped out of their sockets... 

1.30pm update-we got the bed dismantled in an hour but the motor on the hoover blew up when we switched it on so that meant off to the bank and Argos to buy a new one. We still need to hoover, put stuff under bed back in place, assemble new bed frame, build a hardwood layer on top to stop the slats rubbing on the mattress, put mattess and fitted sheet on, add mattess topper for back support, add duvet and make bed, move all stuff in room back to position...oh feck it, it'll be midnight before I get to bloody bed tonight!!!! 

1930pm update-We hit 100 problems putting the new bed together and have just got it done and put the stuff under the bed. We are both sore, knackered, dehydrated and a bit sick. I'll be sleeping in a chair tonight and everything else will wait until tomorrow. I HATE DIY!!!!!

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