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Book Review: Take Back Denver by Algor X Dennison (Denver Burning #2)

When planes fell from the sky over Denver and the grid went down along with the government, McLean and Carrie fought their way to his mountain retreat to survive and thrive in peace. Now they face not only the fight for survival in the new post-grid world, but a fight for the civilization they once belonged to.

Their prepper band face challenges at home and all around them as they feel their way past new dangers and toward each other. And in the end, each of them must come full circle and face what they left behind: the city in ruins that has become the key to the region's freedom.

My Review: 
The preppers are all arriving at the mountain retreat and getting started on work to get everything up and running.

Carrie is getting on my nerves in this book. She seems to have turned into the whiny, irritating female steriotype that drives me crazy in these books. She is angry all the time and won't stop MOANING about everything. First, she is angry that everyone else in Denver was not saved and that they are suffering. She seems to be under the impression that she and McLean should have done more to save the city. What is WRONG with you woman??? McLean chose to endanger himself to save you and tried to save your friends. He is one man, not Superman so what more could he have done? She is angry that she doesn't seem suited to any of the specialist tasks the others are starting. Um, that might be because they are all experts in their chosen areas and you are not!

She is angry that they don't ask her to help. Jeez Carrie you are whining about not knowing how to do these things then whining because nobody asks you to help! They don't have time to teach you as they need to get these things up and running for survival. They don't have anything specific set aside for you because this is a prepping team who were planning this for years and could not have known that you were going to be here! Stop bloody moaning!!! Lift a brush and paint something! Find something useful to do instead of sulking! Instead she decides to 'prove herself' by wandering off on an unauthorised solo trek to the next town across land she is not familiar with, making contact with other people and bringing a man back to the retreat. So she decides to stop working as a team player and endangers the safety of everyone and the security of the retreat because she feels left out. Her arse needs a serious kicking.

Carrie's stupidy really does overshadow this book and I wasn't greatly impressed with the way the plot turned. The other preppers that I found so interesting are relegated to background while she whines and complains. I was hoping she would get eaten by a bear...I lost patience with her when she decided to go off on her own on another scouting mission and just happens to meet the resistance leader. How convenient.

The second half of the book concentrates on a plan to take back Denver from the nutters. This small prepper group haven't even got their home finished and are already planning an attack on the city? What is the rush??? Carrie of course single handedly unites the preppers and the resistance and then goes with McLean into Denver to spread the word of the upcoming attack to every group and gang they can find. This is not reality and I did not believe in this plot for one minute. The haphazard plan relies on our two heroes persuading all these gangs to rise up and join the rebellion on the say so of two people? It's not anywhere near realistic for me. I was not enjoying this plot turn at all.

The attack itself was very disjointed in its delivery and the whole thing felt rushed which meant I felt no tension or excitement when reading it. We were being told of the death of characters in a factual way with no real emotion or interest. It all fell very flat for me. It gave the impression that the author had decided to rush and complete the story of these people in book two instead of book three and everything was just thrown together into a bit of a mess.

I was so disappointed by this book. The first half is the Carrie Show which was annoying and the second part was rushed and messy and lacked the grit and realism of book one. It also reduced the prepper group to strangers from the reader as they were so vastly underused. Book Three goes to follow different characters as Denver fell first time but I won't be going further with it.

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