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Book Review: Something Secret this way comes by Sierra Dean (Secret McQueen #1)

Some secrets are dangerous. This Secret is deadly.

For Secret McQueen, her life feels like the punch line for a terrible joke. Abandoned at birth by her werewolf mother, hired as a teen by the vampire council of New York City to kill rogues, Secret is a part of both worlds, but belongs to neither. At twenty-two, she has carved out as close to a normal life as a bounty hunter can.

When an enemy from her past returns with her death on his mind, she is forced to call on every ounce of her mixed heritage to save herself—and everyone else in the city she calls home. As if the fate of the world wasn’t enough to deal with, there’s Lucas Rain, King of the East Coast werewolves, who seems to believe he and Secret are fated to be together. Too bad Secret also feels a connection with Desmond, Lucas’s second-in-command…

Warning: This book contains a sarcastic, kick-ass bounty hunter; a metaphysical love triangle with two sexy werewolves; a demanding vampire council; and a spicy seasoning of sex and violence.

My Review: 
Secret McQueen is half vampire half werewolf and is a rogue vampire bounty hunter, given her targets by the Vampire Council. Secret saves a woman from a vampire attacks and is shocked by the knowledge that the vampire's sire is the one who nearly killed her-master vampire Peyton. A spate of 'animal attacks' shows that Peyton is starting to turn an army of vampires but Secret is told to bring him in alive.

I liked Secret. She is a kickass bounty hunter but the kind of girl you'd like to have as a best friend. I liked her instantly. In fact, the characters in this book are really good. Her friend and liason to the Vampire Council Holden, looks after her and Secret thinks that him babysitting her is preventing him from getting ahead in her career. Only Holden and her business partner Keaty know her wolf secret, but that is in jeopardy when she becomes attracted to werewolf king Lucas. For a rich guy, Lucas is also a bit of a gentleman and quite likeable, wanting to teach Secret about werewolf ways and not just trying to bed her like most shifters in novels. There is also Desmond, Lucas most trusted wolf, who also has his eye on Secret. I pretty much liked everyone, which made a pleasant change.

There was enough action to keep me happy. There is the vampire fight at the start, a big fight when Lucas is challenged and a nice mega battle at the end of the book which I really loved. The end of this book was certainly the best part. It had tension, action and a lovely twist which I wasn't expecting. And just when you thought everything was resolved, the author throws in a wowzer right at the very end to shock us! There was plenty to enjoy in this book and I did enjoy it as a light urban fantasy read.

I didn't like the fact that there was a love triangle with Secret being a possible mate to Lucas and Desmond. I'm not a fan of this in books, especially in urban fantasy. The only thing I would say about it is that is doesn't totally overshadow the rest of the plot the way it seems to kill plots in other books I've read. I was at least able to tolerate this one and still give the book a decent rating. Those who like a bit of romance in their books should enjoy the love triangle and those who don't shouldn't be put off too much as it isn't too heavy.

I also liked hearing a bit about her past. It was spread through the book and given to us in a way that didn't involve a huge info dump. I'm not going to tell it here as it is more fun to read it all for yourself.

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