Thursday, 18 August 2016

Book Review: Prepper Central by Chad Evercroft

In a world where everything seemed just fine, long time Prepper Jimmy and his pregnant wife Marge have a different view of the world. Prepping as part of a group called ‘Prepper Central’, the little family is responsible for the stockpile of the Doomsday Prepper Community. When the economy begins taking a turn for the worst, Jimmy ensures that his parents are safe as the newest members of his Cul de Sac Prepping group. Before long, people all over the country lose their jobs, homes and their savings as the major banks of the country begin to collapse. With the authorities unable to keep up with riots, crimes and looting, Colorado quickly turns into a state of Martial Law, forcing the members of ‘Prepper Central’ to secure their neighborhood and protect themselves against the Outsiders.

Find out if Jimmy will be able to protect his pregnant wife, his eccentric parents and the loyal and committed members of his community, ‘Prepper Central’. 

My Review: 
Jimmy and Marge are dedicated preppers and are part of a local group that call themselves Prepper Central. Together the friends and neighbours in this cul-de-sac have planned for disaster with everyone doing their part. As a financial meltdown hits the country, the group are ready to act to protect themselves and their property from those who did not prepare and who want to take what they have.

I liked the idea of everyone on that street being concerned about what would happen in a disaster and how they would cope, realising that there would be safety in numbers. they have their meetings and plans, their stockpiles and people with skills ready to take responsibility for everything from health to security. I liked the community spirit that these neighbours have for each other and the actual characters were pretty likeable.

Jimmy and Marge have one final task-persuading Jimmy's parents that it is time they left their own homes to come and stay with them, but that is not easy when Jimmy's dad is not the sharpest tool in the box! For example, when Jimmy is telling his dad that things will get bad and the shit will hit the fan soon, Jimmy's dad is angry about the mess that will make of the bedsheets! He is a very funny character and I had hoped to see a lot more of him in the book but when he joins Prepper Cental, he just fades into the background which is a bit of a shame.

The book begins just before disaster strikes, and final preps are taking place to get ready. Those outside the cul-de-sac don't seem to be concerned by the turn of events, perhaps thinking that the government will take care of things as has always happened-and these people are about to get a terrible shock. Society breaks down quickly when people run out of food and water and basic services are no longer being supplied. They now look to start stealing from Prepper Central, meaning that full fences are going up to protect the small community, turning it into a prison whose walls must be guarded. And that is just the start of the trouble...

I liked the idea of this book and I'm always a fan of seeing how ordinary people survive in disaster situations. It was certainly a decent read but I felt that there was just something lacking to make it a great book. I felt that some of the best characters were underused and that there could have been a bit more fleshing out of the story in places.
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