Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Chuckles 2017 E-Book Blitz

Owls are wise right? So when Mr Owl says that 2017 is time to tackle my e-book pile, I think I better listen to him! This year I really need to reduce the pile of bargain books so I'm having an ebook blitz through the entire year. It doesn't matter how many I finish or how many I DNF as long as I get them off the TBR! 

Well I've picked out another pile to tackle from now until the end of the month and we'll see how we get on with this lot. As it stands my physical tbr stands at 875. Need to get that down a fair bit this year!

Jack Lewis-Fear the Dead(DNF)
John W Vance-Grid Down
Kyle Pratt-Through many fires (DNF)
Jeremy Dyson-Rise of the Dead (DNF)
Joshua Jared Scott-Sanctuary (DNF)
K Michael Gibson-Dead Pulse Rising (DNF)
Mike Carey-The right to bear arms (DNF)
Kyan Yauchler-Homeostasis Lost (DNF)
L Michael Rusin-Avalon The Retreat (DNF)
George Rippey Stewart-Earth Abides (DNF)
Douglas Moore-Playing God (read-3 star)
Scott B Williams-The Pulse (DNF)
Kurt Gepner-Pavement Ends
DJ Mitchell-Ordinary World
JZ O'Brien-Surviving Abe
Brad Manuel-The Last Tribe (DNF)
Ira Tabankin-The Shelter (DNF)
Devon Sagliani-Undead LA (read-2 star)
Ike Hamill-Extinct
SM Stirling-Dies the Fire (DNF)
Ryan King-Glimmer of Hope (DNF)
Nathan Van Coops-In times like this (DNF)
Richard McCrohan-Pandora

Not a great e-book reading month! One half decent book and that's pretty much all to report. I would have completed my task had it not been for ongoing health issues but between this and a recent tbr book cull, my numbers are headed down towards 800 physical books I own and need to read. Better than 900!

How are your challenges going?



  1. You're still doing great. Here's to both of us having better months ahead!

    1. I really need a few good reads to perk me up a bit!

  2. Sorry that it looks like you haven't been having much luck with your ebooks lately! I've had a lot of "meh" books lately too so I fell into a bit of a slump. I reread a book that I loved before and it helped pull me out of the funk for now. We'll see how long that sticks once I read some new books. lol Hope you next few reads are better!

    1. Meh always seems to lead to slump! I did get a short story finished last night which was something but the apocalypse books have been disappointing recently. Just the luck of the draw! But I need a few good reads to get my brain happy!

  3. You are cranking through these! I wish I had your nerve. I can't seem to quit a thing.

    1. Brains are complicated aren't they! I never seem to think twice about quitting a book but I understand how difficult that is for other readers. It's a bit barmy!

  4. I almost read SM Stirling book but never got around to it...

    1. I can't comment on the quality of the writing as I never read it-I quit when I saw the quality of the pdf file and knew my eyes could never cope with reading it. So it might be a decent book, I just don't know!

  5. I'm doing challenges this year. I used to get way to stressed. Good luck !

    1. Thanks! I'm only doing a few challenges-this one, the series catch up and my Goodreads challenge. I get confused when I do too many and never remember to update!