Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Chuckles 2017 E-Book Blitz

Owls are wise right? So when Mr Owl says that 2017 is time to tackle my e-book pile, I think I better listen to him! This year I really need to reduce the pile of bargain books so I'm having an ebook blitz through the entire year. It doesn't matter how many I finish or how many I DNF as long as I get them off the TBR! 

Well I've picked out another pile to tackle from now until the end of the month and we'll see how we get on with this lot. As it stands my physical tbr stands at 875. Need to get that down a fair bit this year!

Jack Lewis-Fear the Dead
John W Vance-Grid Down
Kyle Pratt-Through many fires
Jeremy Dyson-Rise of the Dead
Joshua Jared Scott-Sanctuary
K Michael Gibson-Dead Pulse Rising
Mike Carey-The right to bear arms
Kyan Yauchler-Homeostasis Lost
L Michael Rusin-Avalon The Retreat
George Rippey Stewart-Earth Abides
Douglas Moore-Playing God
Scott B Williams-The Pulse
Kurt Gepner-Pavement Ends
DJ Mitchell-Ordinary World
JZ O'Brien-Surviving Abe
Brad Manuel-The Last Tribe
Ira Tabankin-The Shelter
Devon Sagliani-Undead LA
Ike Hamill-Extinct
SM Stirling-Dies the Fire
Ryan King-Glimmer of Hope
Nathan Van Coops-In times like this
Richard McCrohan-Pandora



  1. Man, you sure are working your way through your books. Hope you find some hidden gems in this list. Booker T wanted me to say hello and send lots thanks Auntie Chuckles way for all the good thoughts. He wishes you lived close by so he could give you some sloppy puppy kisses in person!

    1. Give Booker T a big sloppy human kiss from me! The poor guy...I've been feeling so sorry for him since you shared your news. With all the stomach issues my reading slipped a bit over the last two weeks so I need to dive in and get the numbers reduced by tackling more ebooks!

  2. Wow I don't know ANY of these books! So I'm looking forward to your reviews. Many sound apocalyptic so I'm sure as your TBR goes down mine will go up LOL

    1. Oh yes LOTS of apocalypse books to come! I'm getting close to finishing last years reviews catch up so there will be a lot of apocalypse books reviews here at The Book Cave very soon! Yea! Who doesn't love a nice apocalypse!

  3. A few of these are on my Kindle too. I had to empty my reader last night and now loading back on books from my TBR that I plan to get to.

    1. It's never ending dealing with the ebooks isn't it! So many apocalypse books to get to. I know I won't like a pile of them but I still get excited when I find more to try! Lots of apocalypse book reviews to come!