Sunday, 28 May 2017

Book Review: Redneck Apocalypse by Eric S Brown

Return to the beginning of the Bigfoot War series with Bigfoot War: Redneck Apocalypse!

In the deep south, a mysterious accident sets in motion a chain of events that tie directly into the storyline of the original Bigfoot Wars book.

A darkly humorous, gore filled tale of horror and action as a small town faces an army of bloodthirsty Sasquatch in a desperate battle for survival.

My Review:
Harold is driving home when he has a car accident involving a Sasquatch which the police decide to cover up. His only friend Danny is determined to prove that Harold was not at fault and clear his friend's name. He decides to sneak to the crime scene to explore...

The novella starts in dramatic fashion in the small town of Sylva with the last moments of poor hapless Harold who loses a fight with a Sasquatch. The rest of the town are happy to blame him for the accident, taking what the police say as fact but Danny remains unconvinced. He has heard the stories of what could be lurking out in the woods but is unsure whether there is any truth to it. To be safe, he decides to take his stepfather's gun and persuades ex-veteran Richard to join him. The pair are sneaking past a police roadblock to where the accident happens when they see for themselves what lives in the woods.

Their intervention starts a chain of events in the town as the Sasquatches are not very happy with the situation and decide that Danny and Richard need to be dealt with. If that wasn't bad enough, the crooked Sheriff is also toying with the idea of what to do with these two local troublemakers.

I don't want to spoil the plot by saying anything else but it is another brutal, gory Sasquatchfest! 
Read March 2017
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