Saturday, 7 January 2017

The Vampire in Fictional Form

We love our vampires right? Those vampire characters that we love and root for in books, film and TV. So who are your favourite vampire characters? Here are some of mine.

1) Spike-Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
He was snarky, funny, dangerous and seriously hot! I LOVED Spike long before Buffy noticed him, whether it was evil Spike from School Hard, sad Spike as Hostile 17 and heroic Spike in the later seasons.

2) Angel-Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
 I liked Angel as the good guy with the tortured past but I really loved when he turned evil. That was a real shocker in season 2 when we witnessed Angelus! Such a pity that he and Buffy never had that HEA. 

3) Eric Northman-The Sookie Stackhouse books/True Blood
Although I don't watch True Blood, I'm using the pic of Eric from that. In the books Eric is a slimy git always plotting to seduce poor Sookie but I loved his character so much! The end of Living Dead in Dallas was comedy gold!

4) David-The Lost Boys 
I have always been mad about Kiefer Sutherland since I first saw The Lost Boys when it came out. That little smirk that David would get on his face was disturbingly appealing! 

5) Henry Fitzroy-Tanya Huff's Vicki Nelson series/Blood Ties
In the books I just love the very idea that Henry VIII's bastard son who died in his teens is actually a crime solving vampire! That is just very cool for a Tudor and vampire fan! Hope to watch the TV series at some point. 

Love Cat and Bones, love Zara, love Jimmy and Greg! Love the Drake brothers, love Raylene and Ian, love Vayl!


  1. The Lost Boys. Thank you. That's what I'm talking about.

    Love that cover of Bloodlines!!

    1. I love The Lost Boys! My dad liked the sequels but I haven't had the chance to watch them. Might need to make that priority! Bloodlines is a good vampire book-see retro review last week for details!

  2. Eric was a much better vamp than Vampire Bill but David will always be one of my faves. Bones is a great book vampire as well. Good list.

    1. Eric was funny in the books. Have you read the short story Dracula Night? That was funny!

  3. Yes, yes, Spike was always my favourite! I just loved this character so much! Was never a big fan of Angel though..

    Oh and Eric Northman is hot as hell, although I didn't like him in Season 1. Long hair didn't suit him :D I only watched the show but never read the books.

    1. I liked Angel as a series until the whole grown up Connor storyline started. I loved Angel as a character when he turned evil!