Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Book Review: Disconnect by Jacob Wolfe

When an EMP hits a rural Colorado town, four friends band together for survival, adventure, and a trip west to a plot of land where solace and sustainability await them. With a hospital employee, two "preppers", and a wounded friend in their midst, the group begins fending for their own in the rough terrain of the Western Slope. But with paranoia and panic ramping up each day, can the small family of friends survive the dangers awaiting them on the road west?

My Review:
I didn't have a great time with this book. I liked the idea of the book, the prepper aspect of it and the way it was written. I don't have an issue with the author or his writing and perhaps the book turned out really good.

The sole issue for me was the MC. I really didn't like him at all. His flatmate is a prepper which seems to let him act all smug and superior about being ready for disaster, even though he has done nothing himself. Pat finds the idea that all the unprepared people will suffer somewhat amusing which makes him a complete ass. He sneers to himself about all the fat women in the hospital being unfit and unable to stop him stealing the medical supplies. He pulls a knife on a teenager who makes the mistake of being friendly and asking if this might be an EMP, assuming he is a junkie threat with no evidence. He gets pissed at a woman he stops to help, just because she doesn't know why the power is out. Then he bitches about the rich neighbour with her priviliged life who dares to ask him for help, wanting to stay with him until her husband is able to get home. He takes great pleasure in being rude and nasty to her until she cries. Nice.

There is not a shred of decency in Pat and I despise him in every way. I have no time for books where the 'hero' is so nasty and I wasn't going to read on. It's a personal thing for me that I can't connect with books I hate the MC in, and not a reflection on the actual author or his writing.
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