Friday, 11 August 2017

Deep Blue Terror at the Book Cave!

It's Deep Blue Terror Time at the Book Cave! For the rest of the month it is going to be all about sharks, sea monsters, crocodiles and anything else in the water that bites! There will be books read and dodgy films watched! Here is a taste of what I've set aside and I'll see how many I can get through!

1) Hunter Shea-They Rise 
2) Hunter Shea-Loch Ness Revenge
3) Hunter Shea-The Montauk Monster
4) Hunter Shea-Just Add Water
5) J Kent Messum-Bait
6) Steve Alten-The Loch
7) Steve Alten Vostok 
8) Chris Jameson-Shark Island
9) Jamie Hutchison-Red Swarm
10) Eric S Brown-The Kraken Rises
11) TR Schumer-Death Catch
12) Rick Chesler-Sawfish 
13) Paul Mannering-Hells Teeth

1) 2 Headed Shark Attack
2) 3 Headed Shark Attack
3) 5 Headed Shark Attack
4) Devil Fish
5) Beast of the Bering Sea
6) Red Water 
7) Raiders of the Lost Shark
8) Sand Sharks
9) Rogue
10) Shark Swarm
11) Shark Lake
12) Snow Shark 
13) Super Shark
14) Jurassic Shark
15) The Reef
16) Open Water
17) Open Water 2
18) Sharknado
19) Sharknado 2
20) Sharknado 3
21) Sharknado 4
22) Sharknado 5
23) Ghost Shark
24) Ice Sharks
25) Croc
26) Piranha Sharks
27) The Shallows
28) Sharktopus
29) Sharktopus v Pteracuda 
30) Planet of the Sharks 
31) Ozark Sharks
32) Avalanche Sharks
33) Jurassic Piranha 
34) Frankenfish


  1. What an awesome lineup. Too bad we live on different continents because I can totally see us chilling together and watching some of these movies with two little boxer noses begging for attention. I saw on twitter yesterday Hunter Shea announced a new book available on Amazon "Forest of Shadows." Of course I went and grabbed it right away. It comes out in paperback soon. I just finished "Optical Delusion" and it was an interesting read to say the least.

    1. Lots of dodgy sounding films to enjoy! Yeah it is a pity we don't live near each other and could have shark nights and stuff! Ooh a new Hunter Shea book! I've started reading 'They Rise' and it doesn't waste any time getting into it.

    2. I find a lot of his books start in with the action right off!

    3. I prefer books that just get on with it. My issue with Meg was it was too long getting to the shark action!

  2. Who knew there were so many shark movies? Good luck with your reading/watching!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I don't think I've even scratched the surface of what is out there! The SF channel is good for showing these dodgy films.

  3. wow omg how did you come up with this great list!!! kinda scary :-)

    1. I have a ton of stuff recorded from the SF channel and my dad grabbed a pile in charity shops and cheap in HMV sales. We do love our sharks!

  4. We are so alike. Is it sad that I've seen every one of those movies. I loved Frankenfish. It was filmed about 20 minutes from where I live and I recognized many of the settings and some people too. I've read most of the books too. Ied Water was good if it's what I'm thinking of. Is it the one with Lou Diamond Phillips? I need to get Hell's Teeth and Red Swarm. And just got The Kraken Rises. Never pass up one of Hunter's books.

    1. I might need to give priority to Frankenfish...I just love that title! I'm pretty sure Red Water does have LDP if I remember right. We have such great taste in films and books! Have you seen Zombie Shark? I laughed so hard at the shark trying to bite the woman in the was like a manic glove puppet!

  5. Oh dear, Sharknado!! Haha! I've seen the first two, lol.

    1. I saw most of the third one which looked funny so I need to get caught up with them!

  6. Yay! Works for me. :) I need to watch me some Sharknado action. And some of those titles kill me- Jurassic Piranha lol. that one had better be good!!!

    Love that graphic. :)

    1. Anything with teeth and death is ok by me!

  7. I'm going to go look to see if Netflix has any of these. Jurassic Shark sounds like it'll be a boatload of fun, haha! I also saw The Shallows recently. Crazy intense movie.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. The SF channel is always good for these kinds of film too! I like the sound of The Shallows!

  8. I haven't seen all that many films - but I do recall a hilarious night with Avalanche Sharks where I laughed so much my ribs ached:)). Looking forward to settling down with Sharknado V and howling with laughter with a good friend, who finds them equally funny...

    1. Avalanche Sharks sounds promising for a good laugh then...I'll make sure I get to that one! I just recorded Sharknado 5 off SF Channel this week so hope to be watching that soon. Thanks for stopping by!