Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Book Review: Extinction Evolution by Nicholas Sansbury Smith (EH #4)

There's a storm on the horizon...

Central Command is gone, the military is fractured, and the surviving members of Team Ghost, led by Master Sergeant Reed Beckham, have been pushed to the breaking point. While the strong return to the battlefield, the wounded are forced to stay behind on Plum Island and fight their inner demons.

Betrayed by the country they swore to defend and surrounded by enemies on all sides, Team Ghost has one mission left: protect Dr. Kate Lovato and Dr. Pat Ellis while they develop a weapon to defeat the Variants once and for all. But after a grisly discovery in Atlanta, Kate and Ellis realize their weapon might not be able to stop the evolution of the monsters.

Joined by unexpected allies and facing a new threat none of them saw coming, the survivors are running out of time to save the human race from extinction.

My Review: 
With Central Command gone and the President's bunker under threat, control of the military situation is moving to the carrier group. Men in boats are casing out Plum Island as General Johnson takes over command there, to the suspicion of Beckham. The variants are adapting and mutating which is making them harder to kill and the population of survivors is dwindling. Fitz and Apollo are sent with a team into the city to try to capture a kid variant for Kate's weapon test. Traitors are joining the variants and betraying their people and Patient Zero is alive and plotting...

We meet some new characters at the beginning of this book, following them on a recon mission. Jose Garcia is the leader of a special ops team known as the Variant Hunters, checking the Florida Keys for variant activity and to see what kind of evolution is occuring in them. However these variants aren't just adapting to the sea, they are now capable of setting up elaborate ambushes. Now Garcia has to negotiate the dangerous streets to evade capture until he can be rescued, as he must get the video footage of the evolved variants back to the top brass. I liked the new Variant Hunter team and my first thoughts about them is that the survivors would probably join Team Ghost later in the book.

Central Command has been destroyed and the last bunkers are being overrun. The President has decided to abandon his bunker and set up base on the naval carrier group as the variants close in on his bunker. His team have no option but to try to escape the compound as the enemy close in but have they left it too late? Secretary of State Ringgold has no idea who she can trust after civil war amongst the Plum Island troops left several dead. Now Team Ghost are having to move onto the naval armada to plan their next move which means saying goodbye to their family and friends including Fitz for now. Their job is to train the teams going out on the next mission.

The variants are changing rapidly to adapt to their new environments. A group have grown gills and can silently hunt under the sea. In Syria they look like crabs, in the colder climates they have grown fur and in the desert they have armadillo type shells. They can sometimes camoflage to blend into the trees. But the most disturbing thing of all is that the variants are finding a way to breed and their offspring are going to be the deadliest variants yet. Kate and Ellis are concerned that their new weapon will have no effect of the new mutated kid variants. I loved the ideas of these mutations and adapting to their environment and I really wanted to see the furry ones which sound like Yetis! The variants are just different to fight in every novel which keeps things exciting!

Fitz and Apollo are about to face their worst assignment yet-going into New York with a team to try and do a live capture of the protected kid variants. Other teams are being sent into different cities in the hope that one team might be successful. This screams SUICIDE RUN to me and I was so worried for Fitz and his doggy companion. New York now has a dangerous Alpha Variant who rules completely and has human traitors working for him, and the tension level on this mission was just through the roof! During this mission, we get updates on what is happening to the other teams so it is an action packed section of the book.

The other dramatic section is when Patient Zero comes back into the story. He was assumed dead but has been experimented on for many years, another of Gibson's dirty secrets. Now he just wants to die and the appalled Kate insists on it. However, he is not content to wait and see what happens and decides to escape. This is a tense event of course as having a zombie creature loose on a ship is pretty dangerous!

This series continues to deliver with tight writing, great characters, ever changing plots and monsters and a ton of action and tension!

Read May 2017
5 stars


  1. Adorable doggy on the cover and it sounds like a great read. Glad you are really enjoying this series. It's great when the 4th book in a series still delivers!

    1. I read this series back in May but I'm just catching up on the reviews now. The last book is due out later this year so I'm anxiously waiting for that...

  2. You're still loving this series! Guess I'll have to get started on them. If you love em, I know I will:)

    1. I read the series in May. I'm just putting the review up now as I'm a few months behind on reviews.

  3. Wow he has a bunch of series. I didn't realize he wrote Helldivers!

    1. I didn't greatly like Orbs but my dad did. I'm not the biggest sci-fi fan though...