Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Book Review: Tales of the Sasquatch Apocalypse by Eric S Brown

Bigfoot Wars: Tales of the Sasquatch Apocalypse collects all the stories written in the universe of the Bigfoot War series over the years. It includes tales of Sasquatch attacks during the American Civil War and in the Dark Ages of Europe that were published in anthologies such as Morpheus Tales' “13” and David Bain's “Sword and Zombie”. It also includes brand new stories of Sasquatch horror such as “Season of the Beast”, written from the Sasquatch perspective and set during the zombie apocalypse era of Bigfoot War II, as well as tales like “A Survivor's Tale” which relates one man's struggle to stay alive in a world now overrun with Sasquatch. And finally, it features other standalone Bigfoot War stories such as “Rain”, “Night of the Beasts”, and “The Guide”. With the first book of the Bigfoot War series being adapted into a feature film by Origin Releasing, this collection is a must have for any fan of the Bigfoot War universe, full of action packed Bigfoot and zombie horror.

My Review: 
Wudewasas-Knights defending King and Country are well equipped to deal with the dead attacking them but are about to get their first look at the Sasquatch tribes.

Civil Beasts-Four Yankee soldiers who survive a Reb massacre are about to see their enemy take on a Sasquatch.

The Guide-Marcus is escorting a group of rude city boys on a hunt when a Sasquatch decides to make them the hunted.

Night of the Beasts-A hospital security guard who has been stealing drugs to fund his coming baby has to make a stand when a tribe of Sasquatch attack the hospital.

The Second Fall of Babble Creek-Pete gets a good view as the beasts come back to attack the command centre in Babble Creek during the body clean up mission.

Rain-A lone survivor hiding inside a car on a bridge senses that his days are numbered as the Sasquatch tribe start to search the cars.

Season of the Beasts-It is winter and a lone Sasquatch is thinking about the progression of the war against humans and the dead.

A Survivor's Tale-A survivor enters Sylva searching for an armory to replenish his weapons and hoping that the place is deserted.

The stories are too short to say much more about with spoiling the whole story, so I'll leave it at that. Decent stories and I particularly liked The Guide.  
Read April 2017.  
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  1. I don't have this one! Got to grab a copy. I hope to finish all of them and then start my reviews too.

    1. Decent little snapshots at the sasquatch war through history. I love that cover...

  2. Replies
    1. For someone twisted like me, anything with blood and gore is fun!

  3. I don't think I have ever read about big foot! But it's an apocalyptic survival series. So I bet I'll like it :)

    1. These are seriously savage Bigfoots and I love 'em! Each one is a pretty short read. I'd have liked them to be a bit longer but I still liked them.