Sunday, 30 April 2017

Chuckles 2017 Series Read Challenge: Ist Quarter Results

Every year I promise to catch up on the book series that have been sitting on my shelves brooding for years. Last year I did actually manage to deal with a few which is better than I've done in the last four years combined! Now it is time to look forward with excitement to getting more series completed! 

I have been busy on the series front in January-April and this is my review of the year so far. I'm quite pleased to have finished a few zombie series that were short and make a dent in two big series. I hope to finish the Morganville Vampires next month.

These are the series that I MUST get caught up with this year!

1) Rachel Caine-The Morganville Vampires
status-read 6/15 and part of Midnight Bites anthology
2) Michael Stephen Fuchs-Arisen
status-read 1-11 and two prequel novels. One to read plus final book released later this year.

3) Darrell Maloney-Countdown to Armageddon
status-read book 1 but will reread it and the other 8.

4) Jennifer Estep-Elemental Assassin series
status-read book 1 and I'm terrified by how many books are coming out in this series!

5) Carrie Vaughn-Kitty Norville
status-read book 1, re-read this and finish series. 14? Something like that.

6) Rob Thurman-Cal Leandros series
status-need to read all 10 out so far and short stories.

Every other series I have comes under 'want to catch up with'. Just looking at them all is depressing! I need to put much more effort into catching up!

7) Cherie Priest-Cheshire Red Reports (done)
status-read both books, series completed.

8) Steven Jenkins-Burn the Dead (done)
status-read all three books, series completed.

9) Eric S Brown-Bigfoot War (done)
status-read all available books in the series.

10) Bonnie Dee-After the End (done)
status-read both books, series completed.

11) Jason Kristopher-The Dying of the Light (done)
status-read the three novels and short story anthology, series completed.

12) JT Sawyer-Fist Wave (done)
status-read the trilogy, series completed.

13) Craig Jones-Zombie Apocalypse (done)
status-read both books, series completed.

14) Robert Brown-The Last Blade of Grass (done)
status-read both books, series completed.

15) Micah Gurley-Macon Saga (done)
status-read both books, series completed (I think!) 

16) Nicholas Sansbury Smith-Extinction Horizon
status-read 6 books and novella, final book published in November.


  1. The only one from your list I have read is Kitty Norvelle since they are by a local author. I made it through about seven before burning out but I really enjoyed the first three or four.

    1. I've only read the first Kitty one so far. Part of me hopes I'll love the series and the other hopes I don't to save me reading them all! Some series can just go on for too long...

  2. You've read tons already. I didn't know there were that many Kitty Norville books. I only read the first two but would like to read the rest sometime as well. You have tons to be happy about!

    1. It's a scary size of series for sure! I've only read the first one so I guess I have a lot to do...

  3. So do you rcommend the Estep Elemental assassin series? I've been eyeing those lately...

    1. I've only read the first one but I enjoyed the mix of her assassin side and the magic she uses. Good characters too. I'll certainly be reading the rest of the series. There's hints of romance in book one but nothing that gets in the way of the story.