Thursday, 1 December 2016

Book Review: Zombie Patrol by JR Rain

Los Angeles County park ranger, Jack Carter, is about to discover that not all is as it seems in his tranquil life. Once responsible for patrolling the many public parks, in particular the popular Griffith Park with its famous observatory and zoo, Jack is about to discover that a whole new kind of animal roams his woods. The undead kind.

It begins when his brother, on leave from the military, arrives sick. Deathly sick. Jack's concern turns to alarm when his own flesh and blood turns on him, forcing the park ranger to take drastic measures. Now searching for answers and help for his brother, Jack finds himself on the run from a lethal group of government agents — and from something monstrous that stalks his woods. Something not of this world... and hungry for flesh.

My Review: 
The actual idea of this story was interesting and the fact that these were a different kind of zombie was interesting. What ruined it were the stupid and unrealistic decisions taken by the characters, none of whom I greatly liked or cared about. There were too many things that didn't make sense and that left me disengaged from the book.

Two high ranking officers on a military base see a meteor landing nearby and go to look at it. Instead of doing what they are trained to do and stay away from it and raise the alarm, they both decide to handle the thing. As you do. So they alert the authorities and now appears the Agent in Black who is the steriotype of weird and obnoxious special agents but without the brains. Lets review his stupidity-you have a space meteor on the base and the two men who find it have suddenly become sick. You follow protocol and lock down the base to ensure any contagion can't get out and isolate the men, right? Um no. Agent guy instead lets the two guys go and decides to follow them. WHY? What are they going to lead you to, pirate gold? Then the Agent interviews another sick guy on base who was infected and he manages to get close enough to be bitten. Oh come on!!!

Then we have Anna, the sulky fourteen year old who drives me crazy. We keep getting told how smart and brilliant she is but she seems incapable of following simple instructions. Your uncle is very sick so don't go near him because I chained him up in the cellar when he tried to bite me-so Anna keeps trying to visit him and thinks daddy is mean to do this to his brother. What age are you, three??? She cries every time she doesn't get her own way. I outgrew that when I was seven. She agrees not to tell anyone their secret then blabs it to the guy she has a crush on. Mind you, her dad decides to tell the secret to the cop he fancies so we can see how good they are about keeping it quiet.

When you see the title of the book you might expect the usual zombie plot but you don't get that in this book. The men are not true zombies but the virus does make them bite people to pass the infection, though at times their own personality keeps showing through. It is slow to get into the men going zombie, following the two men as they get sick and try to find Joe's brother. We have a lot of the deteriorating mind of the men and the different changes they go through. It was interesting enough in its own way and I'm not going to be critical about an author doing something a bit different. I just wish the silly things had been removed and that characters like Anna were not so annoying.

I think there was some potential in the story but having the men just walking off base when sick after touching space debris is silly and would not happen. Perhaps civilians finding it in a field would have been a better place to start. A lead agent would never be as stupid as this one. My other issue was the revelation at the end considering a possible cure-that just did not compute for me when dealing with people similar to zombies.

No there was too much in this book that annoyed or frustrated me.
Read November 2016 
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  1. After reading your review, I really hoped Anna died. She would be a characters I would be cheering for to meet her demise - what an idiot! It does sound like it could have been a great story. Sorry it didn't play out better.

    1. Sadly not enough children die in books for my liking! I would look at other books by the author-I have one called The Dead Detective-and just hope the characters are better!

    2. Ugh, I don't know if I would've been able to finish this. I have zero tolerance for characters like Anna.

    3. Tell me about it! I've tackled two zombie books in my new month of reading and abandoned BOTH due to bad characters! Gah! Is it too much to ask that we have MCs we like??!!