Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Top Ten Tuesday

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This week is a free film week...and it's taken me ages to decide on a theme. I'm not greatly interested in doing a film list so I'm doing Top Ten books on my current wishlist.

1) Patrick Kampman-Chance in Hell
Interesting sounding urban fantasy but too expensive to get a paperback copy on Amazon so on wishlist it has to stay!

2) Louisa Lo-Vengeance Be Mine
Ooh vengeance demons! I've loved them since seeing Anya on Buffy all those years ago! Sounds like an interesting new urban fantasy to try.

3) Craig Oliver-Unleashing Demons: The Inside Story of Brexit
I love all these behind the scenes bitching and backstabbing political books! I might have it on wishlist a long time as I don't buy hardback copies-too expensive!

4) George RR Martin-The World of Ice and Fire
The complete history of The Seven Kingdoms? Oh yes, I want this! Again it is just a bit too expensive to get at the moment.

5) Dinah Lampitt-Pour the dark wine
A novel about Jane Seymour and her brothers, which is great because not enough is written about her. I do enjoy some Tudor drama!

6) David P Forsyth-Deluge of the Dead
Well there had to be zombies on the list! I have the first two in paperback and I'm endlessly waiting on this one to become available.

7) Alison Weir-Katherine of Aragon: The True Queen
A new Tudor series about Henry and his wives? How could I resist! But I need to wait for a paperback copy!

8) Thomas K Carpenter-Trials of Magic
Like the sound of this fantasy novel and I love the cover. I entered a giveaway for it but I never win these things!

9) MD Massey-Junkyard Druid
Another urban fantasy series I haven't tried and want to look at. Sounds like an interesting cast of characters.

10) Ryan Graudin-Wolf by Wolf
I'm seeing a lot about this book which sounds intriguing and my dad really wants to read it so I might have to get it for him!


  1. I know what you mean about The World of Fire and Ice being expensive. But then, I just spent 27.00 on the new hardback illustrated book of Game of Thrones - book 1. And I'll be super irritated if they don't do all of them this way. It is truly gorgeous though and I justified it by saying it is normally 50.00 so look at how much I saved!

    1. *restrains oneself from rushing to Amazon* I'm afraid I just might have to check out that bad boy!

    2. It really is a gorgeous book!

    3. Lost restraint...ordered today...

  2. I think I'll be adding Junkyard Druid to my tbr! :)

    Lauren @ Always Me

    1. It's nice to add new authors to my list and this sounds like it has potential!

  3. I need to read Wolf by Wolf too! I've had a copy for ages from a subscription box, but haven't got round to actually reading it.

    1. It does sound totally different from anything on my shelves which is an intriguing prospect! Mind you I haven't read for two days because of binge watching Game of Thrones!

  4. I totally understand about having to keep books on the wishlist because they're too expensive! I have a boatload of books in my wishlist! I think I'm gonna add Katherine of Aragon:The True Queen to my TBR! thanks for stopping by :)

    1. I dread to think what I would be like if I won the lottery! Still at least I could move to a house and have an actual library room! I don't spend my money on anything else which is why I have no restraint and a huge tbr!