Friday, 11 November 2016

Chuckles Cover Love #1

If there is one thing that makes a great book even better, it is when it has a cover that we love! The cover design is what catches the eye as we browse through a bookstore shelf or check out the Amazon or Goodreads recommendations. The right cover makes me look closer at a book, to read the blurb and maybe make a purchase. A poor cover might mean I never look at the blurb at all. This is the first in a series of posts celebrating all those book covers I love...and why!

Rachel Caine-The Morganville Vampires

Picture the scene...there I was in WH Smith, browsing through the books somewhat aimlessly when a bright and sparkly cover catches my eye. Hmmm, nice cover! Shiny...lovely colours and oh look, it's about vampires! *grabs from shelf* After a quick look at the back, I was on my way to the desk with books 1 and 2, as they were doing a nice buy one get one half price offer! So in this case it was certainly the cover that led to a purchase and I love looking at these beauties on my shelf!

Now what I love about these books are the vivid colours, the swirly patterns, the title scrawled nicely, the way the models are lit and made up, and the glittery bits on the cover. They look beautiful when the light catches them! I've looked at other covers for sale and they are bland or have models that look like sulking teens and are not very inspiring! Here is an example using book #14 Fall of Night:

GAH! Bo-ring! I'll take my shiny covers thank you very much! Now I just need to actually READ the series...I've only read book one so far! I do aim to get stuck into these this winter. Have you read these books? Which covers do you have? Which cover is your favourite? And does the model on Bitter Blood remind you of Nicole Kidman...?


  1. I've only read the first in this series but own a few more. I don't remember my covers looking anything like the nice shiny ones so I must have the BORING ones.

    1. Oh dear that sucks! The difference between UK and US covers can be quite annoying if you get your eye on the wrong set...that's happened to me a few times.