Monday, 21 November 2016

Chuckles Childhood Book Loves

I continue with my primary school reads (aged up to 11 for my American friends!) with my next topic which was my horse phase! As I kid I loved horses and would emerse myself in books and series devoted to horses! I joined a school book club which parents could order books from and have them delivered to the school. Any other UK readers remember the Chip Book Club and it's yearly diaries?!!!
I don't remember much about the books on offer but I bought a mystery pack of three horse related books. I still remember the three I got and it led to a long happy time with the Black Stallion series!

Here are some of the ones I read. The Pullein-Thompson sisters were very popular at that time in the UK but worldwide horses appealed to me! I was a HUGE fan of the Silver Brumby series!

The cover of Queen Rider is the one that I read as a kid and I recently reread it, now published with the author's real name Alan Davidson. I used to read horse short story anthologies as well. In my first year of secondary school I read the last book in my horse phase, a book called The Race which was more adult than I'd previously looked at. I loved that book and read it constantly that year. A friend tracked down a copy for me a couple of years ago and I plan to reread it!

Anyone else have a horse phase growing up? What are your favourite horse related stories?

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