Thursday, 3 November 2016

Book Review: RV Ambush by Robert Boren (Bug Out #9)

Bug Out! Part 9 follows our group as they cope with the new danger they've found at the RV Park, while keeping the enemy at bay. The group partners with a dangerous trio. These new friends can help them defeat the dark forces coming at them, but at what cost? 

Kansas is still safe, but the enemy is on the move, taking over sections of Denver. The shadowy owner of their RV Park has discovered them, and is plotting his revenge, with the help of a person they thought they could trust. The Nighthawk Road Serial Killer is active again, causing mayhem in the heartland as the war rages. Who can stop him? Old friends are re-united and meet in the relative safety of the RV Park, but the darkness is coming. Their Motorhomes will make easy targets. Will they survive? 

My Review: 
Security has never been more important so Frank starts on a firewall to stop anyone spying on his computer after the last scare, correctly believing it was the serial killer park owner. Charlie is worried about the lack of roadblocks between the enemy and the park. Dobie has to venture into town for parts with a few nervous friends. The Sheriff and Charlie find something unpleasant as they go fishing at the park lake. Scott tells a nervous Howard that he is coming home but Howard doesn't want to be there when he does, wanting to avoid any new 'adventures'. George and Malcolm offer an alliance between the two groups based on mutual friendship with General Hogan.

The action picks up again in this series as George and Malcolm join the party. They have discovered that the enemy are planning to set up a new base and they see the chance to take some of them out, and slow down their plans, requesting help from Frank's group, who provide the apps to assist them. When Frank tells them about General Hogan being held hostage, the men agree to be part of any upcoming rescue plan. One group from the park go to meet George and Malcolm to assist in an ambush, which leads to an exciting bit of plot. The added interest in the plot comes from the serial killer subplot as Scott entices Howard back into their old world and start going after young women to rape, torture and kill, which adds alarm to the RV group when news starts leaking out about the dead girls. When they see Howard on some of the torture videos, there is a sense of shock and horror at trusting him.

General Hogan was betrayed by someone close to him and is being used as bait to lure Frank's people into an attack at the base. Sam, the agency contact of George, says the app was not discoverd as the General managed to dump his phone, which his son has secured. It is decided that it is too risky for the RV group to get involved so trusted military sources will attempt the rescue instead after making contact with people at the base who can be trusted. Everything has to happen fast as Frank has now set up his app to go live in seven days which will allow the entire population to fight back against the terrorists.

There is so much happening in this book! Scott is back to his old killing ways and wants to take over the RV park again. The General is in need of urgent rescue. The RV park needs to be secured. Enemies need to be taken out. Business as usual for our group! I wasn't sure about adding the serial killer plot into this series but it adds more excitement and a whole new level of interest and tension. You know that these two stories are going to collide at some point and I can't help wondering how the author will do it!

I'm totally addicted to this series and continue to get swept along in the fast placed plot, fearing for every single good guy!  

Read April 2016.
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  1. Glad to hear you're enjoying this series! It sounds like an exciting read with a lot going on and a lot of danger.

    1. I just loved this series from the minute I picked it up! Others don't like it for punctuation and formatting issues or lack of description but it sure makes the story zoom along which I love in books! Must get on with the reviews of the rest of the series.