Friday, 4 November 2016

Book Review: Otherworld Chills by Kelley Armstrong

I have chosen not to include the blurb as it is misleading over the content so I'll move straight to my review.

My Review:
I have already reviewed Brazen and Chaotic, two excellent stories in the Otherworld series and looked at The Puppy Plan previously. I'm going to concentrate on the others in this review.

Amityville Horrible: (Jaime and Jeremy)
Jaime is railroaded into doing another like TV Ghost House Special by her slimy agent Mike, who seems determined to arrange things in ways that she objects to. The event is at a fake Amityville House and spooky things start to happen, making it look like Jaime has made contact with the actual ghosts in the story.

I like Jaime and Jeremy as a couple and like seeing him in the role of devoted boyfriend. Jaime shows how smart she is when dealing with the crisis that begins to cause panic among the volunteers. It was a good story even if it is similar to other stories we've had about Jaime. (3.5/5)

Sorry seems to be the hardest word: (Zoe and Cassandra)
Cassandra has been sent to recruit Zoe to take a place on the Council but Zoe refuses until Cassandra apologizes for ruining a relationship Zoe had years back. When the apology does not come, Zoe decides to set Cassandra up to be 'attacked' so Zoe can save her but is a plan like that going to work with Cassandra?

I never understood why we got three whole books about whiny Savannah and no book based on Cassandra or Zoe, or both working together. Zoe is so much more interesting! How many stories do you get about gay vampires? And Zoe is also funny, and I enjoy her interactions in that cool bar. She is wasted in just short stories. As is Cassandra with her rude snark. I liked this one and wished it was a bit longer. (3.5/5)

Off Duty Angel: (Eve and Kristof)
Eve is getting a bit of time off but a court case means Kristof is too busy to spend time with her and she is bored. Kristof asks her to follow someone for him and before Eve knows it, boredom is no longer going to be an issue.

This one was a decent read with Eve managing to get herself into trouble again and dragging her friend Trsiel into it. (3/5)

Baby Boom: (Paige and Lucas)
With Savannah being pregnant, and Carlos expecting his first son soon, Benicio tries to get Paige and Lucas to change their mind about becoming parents, fearing the board will now favour Carlos being the chosen heir. But the meddling Cabal are about to take meddling to a whole new level and Lucas is forced to decide on his future.

This was a good story. I can't quite believe that Savannah is going to be a mother when she is so immature. She is my least favourite of all the women in the series. However the focus is more on Paige and Lucas as the Cabal are trying to meddle in things that Lucas feels are private. I liked the story twists and I was satisfied with the end of their story. (4/5)

I can't believe The Otherworld is at an end! I hoped for more of these anthologies so I could get some of the stories I haven't read yet but I guess I'll need to try and hunt them down.

Read November 2016. 
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  1. You know, it's funny. Savannah always irritated me as well and like you, I could never figure out why she got three books. There were so many other characters to chose from. She did grow on me a tad by the third book, but not so much that I wouldn't have given the book up for another character. I need to at least try to get the Puppy Plan one read.

    1. She is so whiny and immature! Zoe and Cassandra are much more fun than her. I'm bummed out that it is over now...just got Driven to read and that's it!

  2. I haven't read this one yet and I think I don't own it yet even. I do own most of the other short story collections, I thought most of her stories where included in one. I have read the Puppy Plan short story before as I bought a christmas collection where it was in together with a cainsville series. Great review and I am glad to hear you enjoyed most of these.

    1. There is no doubt that she writes brilliant characters and I'm going to miss the Pack so much! Still, we got some really good novellas about them recently. I only have Driven to read but I can't quite bring myself to read it as it will then be over!