Friday, 14 October 2016

Using Copywritten Photos on your Blog

When I started blogging, one of the things I enjoyed most was finding the right images to go with my blogs as I'm a bit of a creative type and don't like producing plain text if I can help it. To be honest, I thought it was ok to just use images readily available on the internet to put in the blog and I never really thought about copyright. I figured that having a small blog with a small following meant that it was ok to use it as I wasn't trying to make money off it or cheat anyone.

Then I read an article on a blog which gave me a bit of a fright. It was about a company being sued for using one poor photograph that belonged to someone else. $8000 for copyright infringement of ONE photo! I think it is an article everyone should read so here is the link: 

I found this very scary. So even if you give credit to the owner and don't profit from it, you can get sued. Computer programs track usage of that person's copywritten material and can trace it back to your usage, even if you are a small blogger. That is worrying!

Help is at hand, however. I found an excellent blog post on the subject from the blog site Under the Covers which talks about the various kinds of misuse of copyright and why you should not break the rules. It tells you also how posting your own images on social media in certain circumstances can lead to others being permitted to use your images without your consent. It also provides good information about where you can find copyright free material to freely use on your blog. 

The images that I have used on this post were FREE and un-copywritten so anyone can use them and these are the only sites I will use in future. These images were from Pixabay. I do not fancy the idea of having to face fines and hire lawyers as I have no money to spare for that kind of thing. I am going through my blog and social media sites to remove anything that even might be copywritten to stay safe.

Protect yourself and your blog and please share the links to these posts!


  1. Oh I'm going to have to go check that site out. I miss using pictures anymore and never know what I can or can't use and how to tell the difference. Thank you!

    1. I spent the weekend checking out every blog post since my blog began to try and remove all the content I think I got from Google Images-it was a lot! I substituted them for new things from Pixabay. It makes me feel a bit better! I need to do a bit more on that to hopefully finish it today so all of what you see on my blog posts is going to be copywrite free!