Friday, 28 October 2016

Book Review: RV Park Terror by Robert Boren (Bug Out #8)

Kansas is sealed off, but our friends get through. It's safe, but will that last? Why was the RV Park abandoned? What blood-curdling secrets will be found there?

More new characters appear. They are dangerous, but to whom?  If the authorities and the press find out about the dark secrets of the RV Park, the enemy will find out where our group is. Will they have to get into their Motorhomes and flee again? 

My Review:
The group are fleeing from the RV park and anxiously watching out for any chips moving in their direction as they head for Kansas where General Hogan has made sure that they will be permitted to enter. For the first time it looks as if they might be safe, taking refuge at an abandoned RV park that they can set up and defend. At first they are delighted with the modifications to the property that they find, believing it to be the retreat of a survivalist...until they find the lair of a serial killer underneath it. Is this serial killer still active? Will he be coming back to claim his property or is he already watching...?

Denver has been subjected to a nerve gas attack which leaves many people dead, and the group are wondering why so many chips seem to be inactive at the air base. With Frank keeping watch on the chips they should have good notice of any enemy moving in their direction. Frank has his own worries as he can see chips within Robbie's unit but can't alert him without tipping his hand to the enemy, and Sarah is now pregnant. Having his children out of reach where he can't protect them is causing him a lot of stress. With Jasmine also being pregnant, Jerry has plenty to worry about as well. General Hogan continues to lead the fight against the enemy but is unsure who to trust so when the group can't reach him, they fear for his safety.

I admit that I was a bit unsure about a whole new story thread being added, especially a complete deviation from what we've seen in the plot, but it was actually a great addition as I got into it. As Jane starts researching the former owners of the park, Chet and son Scott, former friends of Charlie and Hilda, the internet search alerts George and Malcolm, former CIA men and current bounty hunters who were involved in killing some of the worst serial killers in the country. Now they want to come to the park to speak to the group about why they are researching people connected to their past. Could they be new allies or people that could be dangerous to them?

There are exciting elements to this book. The discovery of human remains and trophies from a serial killer are a real shock, especially when the torture videos found feature Chet, an old friend of Charlie, Gabe and Hilda and his son Scott who abandoned the park recently. George and Malcolm are told by their contacts that Frank's group are important and need protection, while the group wonder if having former special forces on their side might be a good idea, especially with someone tracking Frank's computer. The group are split over doing the right thing and alerting the authorities to get justice for the victims, or keeping quiet and remaining safe for the moment.

There is the question of how to rescue General Hogan without alerting IS to Frank's discovery but they cannot abandon him. How can they find out more about what is happening and find a way to help him without revealing too much?

There is less action in this book than the others but it makes up for it with some of the new storylines that are being introduced. The author keeps surprising the reader with new things while still developing the plot that sucked you in to start with. There is not a single character in the group that I don't like and that is very unusual. I am intrigued by the new characters and I see that their story is featured in a spinoff series which could be interesting. Roll on book nine!
Read April 2016.
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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this series of books. I rarely see you give out so many 5 stars in a row! Have you even noticed, some of the books with covers that you might not give a second glance turn out to be some of the best!

    1. I loved this series so much! Hope to get the next 5 reviewed over the weekend then I can start looking at the three spin off series! You're right, you'd never look twice at this cover but it turned out to be a gem of a series...

  2. I need to check out this series! Got a good feeling about it:)

    1. The version I had lacks decent editing between scenes and missing punctuation. If you can look beyond that, it is an exciting story!