Thursday, 15 September 2016

Chuckles Goes Paralympic Day Seven

Another amazing day at Rio sees our wonderful athletes pass the medal total from London. That is really incredible and everyone in the team should be really proud of their efforts! So let me take you through the latest medals!

First up was Sarah Storey in the cycling time trial taking another gold!

Karen Darke also took gold in the time trial!

Steve Bate and Adam Duggleby win another gold in the time trial!

David Stone takes bronze in the time trial!

Lora Turnham and Corrine Hall take bronze in the time trial!

Sophie Wells takes gold in equestrian!

Lee Pearson takes silver in equestrian!

Gold in 400 metres for Hannah Cockroft with bronze for Kare Adenegan!

Gold for Kadeena Cox in the 400 metres! That's gold in two sports for her at Rio!

Bronze for Maria Lyle in the 100 metres!

Silver for Andy Lapthorne in tennis!

Now to swimming! Mikey Jones takes gold! Jonathan Fox takes silver!

Aaron Moores takes gold with silver for Scott Quin!

Gold for Hannah Russell!

Silver for Bethany Firth!

Silver for Claire Cashmore!

Bronze for Susie Rodgers!

I need to say a special word for Alex Zanardi, successful racing driver who 15 years ago lost his legs in a racing accident. This amazing man at 49 years old won gold in the time trial today on the anniversary of the tragedy. The man is an inspiration to everyone and it's hard not to shed a tear for him!


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