Friday, 9 September 2016

Book Review: The World Cowers by Boyd Craven III (World Burns #7)

The government, long hidden inside of hidden military bunkers is now starting to come out of hiding to deal with threats, both foreign and domestic. The threat of misinformation and the remaining survivors general unease, force the President to come out of hiding and break his silence.

Weeks after Sandra's near abduction, Blake and Sandra are arrested, to be tried for treason. There's just one catch, somebody they thought had been removed from the playing field had in fact survived. With the new information, the threat now coming overland from Mexico and into the Southern United States, the nation needs to pull together.

This is the last of the series that deals directly with Blake and Sandra at the Homestead. Subsequent books will be about the invasion, and how the nation as whole tries to pull itself back together.

My Review: 
The evil government story continues with Blake and Sandra being arrested and to be tried for treason along with Silverman and the deserting troops. The outraged homesteaders are determined to do something to save them while the gloating governor revels in his victory.

Gah how much do I hate Boss Hogg and his best friend the President right now??? It's all about sticking up for your buddy and not giving a damn about what the homesteaders were subjected to. The homesteaders are just normal people defending their right to live quietly in their own community and provide for themselves which is what most preppers want to do. Now I get why preppers fear government interference so much and why they want to be so heavily armed. In a disaster situation, who knows what rules will be enforced and what will happen to groups like this?

I loved the whole trial section, which I had not really been looking forward to reading about as the whole thing was so unfair. But I found it entertaining and funny in places and I was pretty satisfied overall by the way things progressed and turned out.

This is the shortest book in the series I think, so I can't really go into much detail about what happens in it but I did enjoy the end of Blake and Sandra's story. According to the blurb, the rest of the series looks at other things going on during the disaster and I still plan to read them and see what happens. 
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