Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Book Review: The Shining Mountain by Peter Boardman

My Review:
Having read a book by Joe Tasker and not been greatly impressed by his writing, I decided to try a book by his climbing partner Peter Boardman. Sadly I did not enjoy this book any better.

I just found it so boring! There was endless descriptions of everything in the expedition including endless conversations between the climbers and their liason officer, and with every person they meet. It was not needed and added nothing to the book at all. It felt like unnecessary padding to make the book a certain length rather than being of interest to the reader.

It doesn't help when one of the three main 'characters' in the book is the rudeness that is called Joe Tasker. In the books that I have read where he features, I have not liked him at all. He has a level of contempt for people that don't go off to pursue dreams like him and decide to work in boring jobs to look after their families. He doesn't seem to get that because he does things different, he is not better than other people. He is rude and ignores the Indian liason officer on the trip because he doesn't believe in having one-well here is the scoop Joe, it was the RULE that each expedition must have a liason officer to ensure rules are followed so stop moaning and get on with it or go home and climb elsewhere. I really detest his attitude problem.

Pete is a nicer guy who actually realises that being rude to the liason officer is counterproductive as this is the man who can solve logistical problems on the trip and make problems go away. Pete makes an effort to get to know the man who seems nice enough and is just doing his job. But all this Joe angst and the over descriptive waffle just bored me and I had lost interest before they even reached the mountains.

I didn't finish the book and I'm afraid I won't be reading anything else by this author or Joe Tasker.
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