Sunday, 12 June 2016

What's On Chuckle TV

I have an obsession with Masterchef despite not being able to do more than basic recipes-I just love the overall drama of the series! I enjoy watching the kitchen disasters, pressure tests, invention tests, gorgeous dishes, the team challenges etc. I also enjoy how the different countries do their own versions.

Season 2 of Masterchef New Zealand saw some changes to the format with Josh Emett replacing Ross Burden. I loved the introduction of Josh, who is a top chef hand picked by Gordon Ramsey to run a restaurant-so you know how good he is. His personality fits perfectly with Simon and Ray so I think this is a great set of judges!

I do wonder about the common sense of the contestants-were they even watching last season? When the judges tell you there is a limit on the number of ingrediants you can use on a challenge, COUNT THEM! Nadia lands herself in a pile of trouble by not paying attention and getting TEN extra than what she was allowed! Last season early on, a contestant did the same and got into a real disaster so obviously nobody learned from that. Anyway, I did enjoy the series despite not really having a favourite contestant to follow. 

Season 3 introduced a few characters that I didn't greatly like. Watching a contestant in the bread challenge slagging off a team mate on camera within the poor guy's earshot was rude and I amused to see this rude guy making a mess of his own bread! Karma! In the second challenge Josh was calling for a stomach pump for one of the dishes which amused me! There was also fighting in the later stages of the competition when one contestant told the judges that two others broke the rules-now that made good TV! I didn't greatly like Ana as her attitude at times was sneering and superior. Another good series!

Season 4 was my favourite series so far. One contestant wanted to sacrifice his whole team to elimination if they were the worst team which didn't amuse one of his team who gave up her job to come to Masterchef. A couple of the guys were pretty arrogant so I didn't like them much but the shocking language from Paula throughout was really offputting. I've never heard so many bleeps! In one episode, pretty much everything she said during cooking was bleeped out which was not greatly enjoyable to watch. There was one contestant who was way above everyone else and deserved to win the title. Yea!


  1. I've found myself watching the Great British Sewing Bee and Bake-off despite lack of interest in the latter, and it's just... bizarrely addictive, isn't it? Rooting for contestants, hating others, facepalming at the silly errors they make...

    1. It is addictive isn't it! I just love the drama of the cooking disasters and fights!