Thursday, 16 June 2016

Walk Away The Pounds!

Groan! I hate exercise. Exercise is for fit people! But my doctor thinks I should be getting more and the healthy eating alone isn't shifting the weight so I have little choice I guess. *sulks*

I decided that I am in no fit condition to be jumping around in lycra doing aerobic punishment sessions so I stumbled across this dvd which is a get fit workout by power walking in the privacy of your own home. This one is a mile walk but I'm starting slow by doing a quarter of a mile and a warm down to get used to the pace. Next week I might look at maybe trying the half mile if I feel up to it. But I'm at least showing intent and making a start while the weather here is wet and miserable!

So what kind of exercise do you guys do, if any? Do you find it helps? Any tips for weight loss for someone who doesn't like vegetables and isn't much of a cook???!!!

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