Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Book Review: Rot:The Island by Linus Locke

Tyler and Layla leave their home in Thousand Oaks for a tour of the infamous Alcatraz Island. Unfortunately for them, the attack happens so fast it takes the entire city by surprise.

Now the dead roam the island, forcing the survivors into hiding - and out into the cold waters of the bay. They must make their way back to the ferry, the Bay Cruiser, in order to make their way off of the island of rot.

My Review:
This was one of these stories that had the potential to be really good but it just fell flat the way it was fleshed out.

The first big issue for me was Layla, the most self obsessed selfish bitch to ever walk the planet. When she hears on the radio that thousands are dead in riots across California, there is no sympathy, just her moaning that she can't find a channel playing music instead of reporting the breaking news. She spends the car journey sleeping and taking selfies. She doesn't like her husband talking to anyone else in case it takes his attention off her for a second. She moans about his car not being expensive enough and that people might think he only earns minimum wage. And when a woman watches her husband get ripped apart by zombies, Layla is in a mood because her husband dares to touch the woman's arm in sympathy. What a cretin in heels. I despise bitches like this and HATE it when I'm expected to care if she lives or dies. Then we have the spineless husband who won't say or do anything to upset his precious bitch from hell.

The story itself was a decent idea-a tour group getting stranded on Alcatraz with a zombie infection beginning. However the way the story was told could have been much better. There was no building of tension to get you wondering if a zombie was hiding around the corner. The infected guy attacked someone at the dock and it all went down in a few pages. Our lovely heroes then hid for a few pages then wandered back to the dock to get back in the boat. Think of how that could have been developed! Stragglers from the tour group being quietly picked off. A mob of zombies attacking the group, forcing them to split up and hide which would have built the tension nicely. Footsteps are coming towards you...is it survivor or zombie? We could have had a couple of different POVs in the survivors, ramping up the horror and excitement as they all try to make their way back to the dock! But no, we are stuck with Miss Prissy Pants instead.

This was a great idea, wasted by poor characters and a lack of show with too much tell. No tension, no real plot development and a tame and uninteresting ending.
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  1. "it all went down in a few pages"

    I hate books that waste their potential like that. This sounds like it could have been good, if played out the way you suggest. Too bad.

    1. Yeah I've been getting a few books like that in the zombie genre which is a bit depressing coz I LOVE zombies!