Sunday, 7 December 2014

Book Review: Micah by Laurell K Hamilton (Anita Blake #13)

There are lots of reasons to raise the dead-some private, some public. In this case, the feds have a witness who died before he could speak on the record. They want him raised so his testimony can be taken. So here I am, on a plane to Philadelphia, flying off to do my job.

But I'm not alone. Micah is with me. Micah, head of the St. Louis wereleopard pard. King to my Queen. The only one of my lovers who can stir my blood with just a glance from his chartreuse cat's eyes. I was happy to have him at my side.

Until he mentioned that this will be our first time alone together. No Master Vampire. No Alpha Werewolf. Just me and Micah. And all my fears and doubts...

My Review:
Anita is off to Philadelphia to raise a zombie for a court case but with the ardeur being an issue, Micah insists on going with her for the trip. So for the first time, Anita is alone with Micah and that causes problems for her.

I swear I was ready to slap Anita into next week with her childish, moronic behaviour in this 'book'. Micah tries to comfort her over her fear of flying and she takes it as an insult as if he is suggesting that she is weak because she is a girl. She then gets mad at Micah for booking them into a plush hotel instead of the cheap motel that the FBI were going to supply them with. What the hell is wrong with the ungrateful cow? The guy does something nice for you because it is your first time away together on your own and you go into a sulk! She then starts frowning over the room service meal that arrives. After the meal she then starts thinking about how quickly she had sex with Micah after meeting him for the first time and how he has never asked her about all her scars and she goes into ANOTHER mood. Talk about being a whiny bitch!

Then as usual, we have the sexist cops that Anita gets to have a fight with to prove herself-very original. And as she does in every book in the series, she starts brooding over everything. I'm sick to death of hearing her endless woes and I'm not a big fan of Micah either. He's so bland and boring. This book is just a filler and adds nothing to the series. We don't even have the better characters in the series to save the book. It is just dross and you can easily just miss it out.

The only good point in the book was the fact that Anita decides to go to work and do some zombie raising but that wasn't enough to save the book. 
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  1. Anita really is a whiny bitch. But Micah is no fun. They deserve each other. lol