Thursday, 11 December 2014

Book Review: Along came a demon by Linda Welch

I'm told the dead are all around us. I wouldn't know about that. I see only the violently slain. They could be victims of hit-and-run, innocents caught in cross-fire, the murdered. I've come to terms with that. In fact, I've made a career out of it. They whisper to me and they never, ever, forget the face of their killer. They aren't the only supernatural things I see. No, they're not vampires, werewolves or fae - those things don't exist. We live side by side with what some call the Otherworldy. That's too much of a mouthful for me. I call them demons. If you saw them as I do you'd know why. Right now I'm trying to find a missing boy whose mother was murdered. Or was she murdered? To further complicate the case, Clarion PD gave me a partner I would rather shoot than work with. I can't tell them he's a demon. They'd think I'm crazy. I'm Tiff Banks. Welcome to my world. 

My Review:
Tiff can see and speak to ghosts and lives in her house with two of them. Now Tiff is looking for the son of her dead neighbour who was killed by a demon but the demon seems to have erased all evidence of the boy's existance.

I liked Tiff and I liked the idea of her gifts. Searching for the boy who the police do not believe exists was an interesting twist on the story. It was well written, flowed nicely and overall was a decent story. But the huge problem with this book which caused me to stop reading and mark it down were the two ghosts in her house, Jack and Mel. I first thought they were ghost children because all they did was whine like spoiled brats not getting a new toy. They fought, they moaned, they complained. And we are told that Tiff had to stop bringing men home because the two perverts would come into her bedroom to watch. They had no redeeming qualities and were huge barnacles on the butt. I would have had an exorcist in to vanquish the buggers. They ruined this book are far too much time was spent on their petty and moronic behaviour.

As soon as we then got the slimy man whose very touch sends Tiff into uncontrollable ecstasy though she can't stand him, well I was done with this. I HATE that seduced against her will plotline which for me is more like attempted rape and not entertaining. 
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