Monday, 24 November 2014

Reading with Chuckles #14

Welcome to Reading with Chuckles! This is where I fill you in on what I'm reading each week-what it is, where I got it or heard about it, what I think of it, if I'm continuing with it or abandoning it and any special offers I'm aware of where you can try the book yourself. Comments are welcome but no spoilers please! It's not fair to other readers!

I am now on to my winter readathon. This means I'm turning my attention to series that I've started and liked but never got round to finishing. So I hope to get through a LOT of books and catch up with a few favourites! So I finished up with Sookie Stackhouse with the bland and boring After Dead (see my review for details). The I moved on to the Kelley Armstrong 'Women of the Otherworld' series. Waking the Witch was a glorified crime novel which I didn't like much. Spellbound was a decent read but the big finale '13' was a total let down. Men of the Otherworld was very good, looking at the Danvers family background-Malcolm, Jeremy and Clay.

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