Saturday, 22 November 2014

Book Review: Bloody Boulevard by Karen Greco (Hell's Belle #0.5)

Nina Martinez is part of Blood Ops, a government agency so top secret even the President doesn't know it exists. Tasked with taking out rouge supernatural creatures, Nina and and her partner Frankie must clean out a vampire nest in Newark before it overtakes the entire city. Ever try taking on vampires in a party dress? Bloody Boulevard is a quick prequel to Hell's Belle.

My Review:
Firstly there is only about 7 pages to this book so don't expect an in depth novella(or an in depth review!). It is hard to get people interested in reading your novel with such a short introduction-but I feel that the author does this very nicely. It gives the impression of a good urban fantasy which kickass characters, action and humour which is exactly what I'm looking for.

We get introduced to our heroine Nina and her vampire partner Frankie as they pursue vampires through the streets. We are introduced to their cheeky banter and the fact that they trust each other a lot. It is an all action battle with the vampires who in this world, are very difficult to kill, which I liked. The good guys indicate that even staking them through the heart isn't enough, that they need to cut off the head and destroy the heart. We also have the humourous character of the kickass Mayor who I instantly liked and I really hope that all three feature in the series.

I'm definitely keen to read the first book Hell's Belle. I had bought it before I read this short story but now I am really intrigued to see what the series has to offer. 
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