Sunday, 29 October 2017

Totally Should've Book Tag

I saw this book tag on:

Totally Should've got a sequel
I would've loved a sequel to Stephen King's 'It'!!! Just because I love the book so much. A sequel to The Return Man would be nice as that was a great stand alone zombie book. How about more GoT prequels? I'd love a couple of books on Robert's Rebellion and the reign of The Mad King...but AFTER the series is complete!

Totally Should've had a spin off series
Harry Potter. I want a complete set of books about James, Sirius, Snape and co at school, and especially books on the rise of Voldemort and the Order, with the war that followed, leading to the Potters death, the trials and the Longbottoms being attacked. I want all of this! Imagine reading about Moody and co fighting Death Eaters during the war and getting to know the dead Order members mentioned in the books! 

Totally Should've ended differently
I was really disappointed that the end of Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series focused on a somewhat dull story arc with my least favourite character and a romance without chemistry. It did ruin the series for me with all the brilliant MCs from previous books being sidelined while the immature, boring and incapable spoiled brat witch single handedly saves the world. Yuk! It should've had everyone as a proper team, using their skills together instead of them mostly doing nothing and being wasted by the author.

Totally Should've had a TV show
Ugh so many to pick from! Michael Stephen Fuchs Arisen series and Nicholas Sansbury Smith's zombie series would be a must. Tomorrow When The War began should've been continued whether in film or TV format. Most of my apocalypse books would be great series. LOVE to see Robert Boren's Bug Out! series!

Totally Should've had a film franchise
I really enjoyed the film of Tomorrow When The War Began but for whatever reason, we were left with the cliffhanger at the end and the other books left unfilmed. Really annoying! There was talk of the rest being done as a TV series in Australia but I haven't heard anything about that either. The Testing has a great storyline for Hunger Games fans so that would be good.

Totally Should've had one point of view
I can't think offhand but I will compliment George RR Martin for the way he uses multiple POVs to great effect.

Totally Should've had a cover change
I've got a lot of Indie apocalypse books with dreadful unappealing covers but I understand why. It'd be a bit unfair to select any of them!

Totally Should've stopped reading
This isn't relevant to me as I DNF a book as soon as I lose interest in it. No point in reading on if I'm not enjoying it!

Totally Should've kept the cover
I haven't read it but Waterproof is a prime example of leaving a great cover alone instead of changing it to something crap.


Totally Shouldn't have prejudged
Harry Potter. I wrote this off as a kids book when it was recommended to me but a year later I read and loved it.












  1. I’ve seen so many dreadful indie covers. I know that a lot of indie authors are on a budget, but dang, some of those books are ugly.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. A Sequel for 'It', hmmm, I think it would definitely work! There's so much you can do with the topic! But give me all the GoT Prequels and Spin-Offs! I agree though, only after the main series is over!

    You make the Harry Potter prequel idea sound pretty cool as well! I'd be interested to read about the Order during the first Wizard War, ooh yess :)

    And I also would love more good, high quality Zombie shows on TV! I know there's a couple around but I got tired of 'The Walking Dead' and everything else on Netflix doesn't sound like I would like it...

    1. I got annoyed with The Walking Dead in season three-Rick's madness, Andrea's sex life, death of a couple of favourites at the prison, that stupid boy of Rick's going Wyatt Earp...ugh!

  3. I totally agree about the Armstrong series. That twit in the last 2, or was it even 3, drove me nuts! I also would ha be loved coUnterclaim off series. Wonderful answers.

    1. I'd have rather seen the wolves take the lead. I'd have liked a book about Cassandra instead of the obsession over dumb Savannah!