Sunday, 22 October 2017

Blogger Recognition Award

I was kindly tagged by the lovely Danielle over at Why not check out her blog?

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In the Beginning there was Chuckles Book Cave...
I used to have what I'd call a lifestyle blog, moaning about life, commenting on things in the news and mentioning what I read and watched. Then I realised how dull my life actually was and I kind of ran out of things to say so I stopped posting on it. I was spending more time at Goodreads taking part in groups and it was then that I became interested in Indie and self published books, and saw how these authors had to work hard to gain any publicity for their books compared to mainstream authors.

I decided that having an actual book blog was the best idea for me. I loved books and read a lot so I could post book reviews, posts about new releases and provide a bit of promo for all these new authors and books I was discovering through read and review groups. I would read it, review it and then actively promote it as much as I could, hoping to maybe get a few of my followers interested in reading it too. I named it Chuckles Book Cave. Chuckles was a self given name because I consider myself grumpy and anti-social and it seemed an ironic nickname. The Book Cave was what I named my bedroom in the days when we had trouble with our former neighbours and I used to sit in there with the lamp on and curtains drawn day and night and read to forget about my problems. So the blog became Chuckles Book Cave.

In 2013/2014 I had to cut back on the read and reviews that I was doing online due to family issues but the blog kept going. The majority of books on the blog are still Indie or self published, along with my favourite mainstream series. I do read a few author requests here and there and I'm also happy to promote books whether I intend to read it or not! I'm always looking to find more blogs of fans of horror, apocalypse, urban fantasy and preppers!

Advice by Chuckles..
I would say vary your posts but obviously stick to things that interest you. I love Game of Thrones so I have one post a week where I chat to other fans of the series. I do book and film reviews, take part in memes, have a discussion topic each week, have posts about book covers, awaited releases and checking out great posts by other blogs. I also like doing book tags. So there are quite a few different posts which I hope appeal to people with varied interests. Sometimes I do posts about shopping splurges and failed DIY! Not everything I try is mega popular so I drop things and try new things in their place. Variety is fun to write and hopefully fun for your visitors! Varied posts, especially memes are a good way to meet new people. Posts about your favourite topics are good ways to meet like minded people!

Secondly, don't get caught up in being obsessed by statistics! I get why stats help in securing Netgalley books but you can't gauge how people like your blog on stats alone. 100 new followers is just a number...ask yourself how many engage and comment on your posts. I'd rather have a small blog following with friends I can engage with on a regular basis as that is satisfying, than thousands of followers I never know! Don't panic when you only get a few comments on each post. Generally, people don't have a lot of time to spend blog visiting so they will put their priority on their favourite posts and regretfully might not have time to comment on every post even if they like them. The number of people who viewed a post give you a better idea of what people like on your blog and can be useful but try and enjoy writing your blog and worry less about those stats.


  1. Yes! I would rather engage and interact with other readers than have meaningless stats. I'm glad you are now a book blogger. :)

  2. Great advice! People actually call my office The Book Cave because I have books EVERYWHERE.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  3. Thank you so much for doing this! I loved reading about your origins. I giggled at your self given name, as I can see a bit of that in me. I really admire your desire to promote and support the indie book scene. It is so crucial and I think it gets a bad (unwarranted) wrap at times, sadly.

    Have to agree about variety! It is the spice of life, and something I am lacking on BVT of late with my limited time, but I am making a push to add more non-book related or discussion posts. Also, of course I agree whole heartedly about stats.

    Thank you again for this!

    1. Indie books certainly need a lot of love as there are some great books that need to be promoted! I've found some real favourites amongst them. Bloggers with less time of course have more of a problem with varying the posts...that can be hard!